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Spotify is one of the many global brands that hires Ports Group for strategic consultation regarding registration of domain names and active protection of their trademark.

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Does your trademark have sufficient legal protection? Do you know if someone is working on grabbing your domain name right now? Who’s in charge of these issues at your company?

Everyone knows that their brand is their most valuable/crucial asset, but few protect their brands adequately – something that costs companies billions of dollars every year due to infringements and lost sole rights to trademarks and domains. Worst case: an international launch is hampered because you haven’t protected these assets, or your company faces considerable costs due to disputes or to purchase rights that a rival has unlawfully acquired.

This is often caused by a lack of strategies and routines to monitor and protect business-critical assets; and a lack of clarity about who is responsible for these issues. The good news is that you can change all this, as of now. Contact us and we’ll help you with strategies, management and protection for your trademarks and digital assets.

What could happen?

A trademark or domain registered on an disgruntled former employee. A company moves and misses the expiration date of their trademark rights. Businesses that fail to protect the domain names of their most important markets. These are just a few examples of situations that can lead to giant losses for companies that lose control over their intellectual property rights – legally and digitally. This is why more and more companies are realising the need to consolidate their trademarks and domains, secure their sole rights legally as well as digitally, and, not least; co-ordinate the responsibility for them.

We offer an initial cost-free analysis

When you book a first meeting with us, we carry out a basic analysis of your current situation: status of existing registrations (trademarks and domain names), unprotected markets, potential infringements and risks. This service is completely free of charge and carries no obligation on your part. Give us a call at +46 031 – 720 20 00

Four cornerstones in our full-service offering


We monitor your trademarks around the world – proactively and reactively. We scan applications primarily to be able to act on legitimate applications for confusable or identical trademarks. But we can of course also act on intentional infringements.


We monitor and manage domain portfolios the same way we do for trademarks, and help you with everything from consultation, action plans and strategic domain management to preventing and stopping cybersquatting.


To make things even easier for you, we offer technology and infrastructure hosting services for website and email, and DNS and SSL-certificates – all with extremely high levels of security, our own operations and our own server room.

Professional services

With specialist competence within IT, intellectual property law and trademark strategy, we help our clients with consultation, action plans and, when needed, legal action.

What makes us different?


We take full legal responsibility

Unlike our branch colleagues, we don’t just take care of management tasks – we take full legal responsibility for the protection of your trademarks and domain names. This means that your management and legal functions, CMO or IT manager are freed from complex responsibilities, and able to focus their efforts into their primary duties.

We’re a one-stop-shop

We have a unique combination of expertise within IT, law and trademark strategy. We have the technical infrastructure for hosting your website, email and much more. Furthermore, as Sweden’s first (and one of the first in Europe) ICANN-accredited companies, we are our own registrar and therefore do not need to turn to other suppliers. This means that you get a true one-stop-shop where you can gather everything concerning your trademarks and digital assets.

We’ve been around from the start

We have helped companies with their trademarks and domain names since the Internet started. This has given us vast collected experience and leading expertise for being companies’ best friend on the Internet.


We give you value from your first contact

Our first consultation is always free of charge and includes an analysis of your current situation for your trademarks and domains. This means that you get value from the first meeting, no strings attached and no obligations to engage our services.