We help Dormy Golf with:

  • Corporate Domain Management
  • Corporate Trademark Management
  • DNS management

Dormy Golf is an example of our proactive approach. We had discovered that the company was the victim of trademark infringement on the Internet. Following a start-up meeting, we conducted a complete analysis of the trademarks and domain names Dormy owned, and suggested some changes. We structured the whole domain portfolio, and initiated a gathering of all DNS. As Dormy ran most operations in-house – operating all servers, owning the source codes, managing web development and design – we agreed on a flexible solution where we had overall responsibility for trademarks, domain names and technology. We now review strategies for global trademark protection, we monitor, register, manage and administer domain names, and keep track of new regulations for trademarks and domain names, which makes Dormy well prepared for an international expansion.

About Dormy Golf AB

Dormy Golf sells golf products and accessories with the simple philosophy of giving customers a better golf experience. The company started in 1994 with an outlet in Örebro, Sweden. The business flourished, adding stores, a mail order service, and a web store. Today, Dormy has stores and workshops in a number of cities. All Dormy employees are themselves golfers. The name Dormy is a golfing term meaning that a player is unbeatable and can “sleep” for the remaining holes of a round, and still win the game.