In Folksam’s procurement process for managing their extensive domain name portfolio, they chose Ports Group to be their partner because our “high competence, competitive price and unbeatable service”.



Folksam had an extensive domain name possession spread across multiple providers and out of date/inaccurate contact and owner details. In 2016, Folksam initiated a procurement process in order to get an overview of their domain names and a safe management.



Ports Group was chosen because of our “one stop shop” with active management. We started with a workshop which led to a formulation of instructions regarding the management of domain names. Ports Group’s consultants then took responsibility for the entire consolidation process, including making additional registrations, acquisitions and transferring the entire Folksam domain name possession to us.



Folksam has gone from a scattered and inconsistent domain name management, to a consolidated and safe management in our Corporate Domain Name Management service.

”I am really satisfied with Ports Group’s work with guiding us from an overgrown domain name portfolio to a transparent and clear management of our domain names. The combination of high competence, competitive price and unbeatable service was what did it for us.”

Christopher Constantien

Head of Brand Communication at Folksam

Folksam’s history began over a hundred years ago. When the company Samarbete joined the insurance company Folket in 1925, the new company Folket i Samarbete was formed. Folket i Samarbete subsequently changes name to Folksam. Folksam, which today includes approx. 3900 employees, is divided into Folksam Liv and Folksam Sak. Folksam Sak in turn includes Folksam Skadeförsäkring, Förenade Liv, Tre Kronor and SalusAnsvar. Folksam Liv includes Folksam Fondförsäkring, KPA Pension and LO Pension. With a long history and large organisation, which is also spread over multiple companies, a need arose at Folksam to consolidate their domain name management. Therefore, in 2016 Folksam announced a procurement for the management of their extensive domain name portfolio. The requirement specification for the procurement was appropriately comprehensive and tough. Finally, Ports Group was chosen. Not because we had the cheapest solution, but because we had a very high level of security, strategic competence and one-stop-shop for management of domain names and trademarks, technical and legal services, to watch services. The partnership began with a workshop. As preparation, Ports Group had put together an extensive preliminary investigation material that for example included, all domain names that were known at the time, but also our own analysis result that had identified further legitimately and illegitimately registered domain names. We had also done an analysis of the availability for each relevant wording for Folksam. Domain names is an area for which there seldom is an evident responsible role at a company. In Folksam’s case, they realised the importance of including multiple stakeholders within the organisation. Therefore, representatives from Folksam’s legal, marketing and IT-department attended the workshop. The workshop was a foundation for the continuing work with formulating instructions for the management of domain names. The workshop therefore included categorisation of wording, identification of relevant top-level domains, prioritisation of further actions, and so on. After the workshop was completed, a draft for the instructions regarding the management of domain names was sent by the Ports Group consultants to Folksam. When the preliminary work was completed, the work of consolidating the portfolio was initiated. When having such a long history and extensive organisation as Folksam, it is more of a rule than an exception that domain names have been registered at many different occasions, by different people, at different suppliers. The result is that it is almost impossible to get an overview and control of the domain name portfolio. Lack of control when it comes to domain names can often become business critical, something that Folksam was very aware of when initiating the procurement. The consolidation of Folksam’s domain names has been an extensive project since the portfolio has been characterised by outdated contact info and spread over multiple suppliers. Luckily, Ports Group’s domain name consultant have many years’ experience in dealing with projects such as this. In connection with the consolidation of all domain names, additional registrations were also made according to plan as well as acquisition of strategically important domain names for one of Folksam’s subsidiaries. The acquisition was made anonymously in order to maximise leverage in the negotiation with the current owner. After the consolidation, Ports Group have also set ut domain name watch and technical services such as a DNS for many of the domain names in the portfolio. During the preliminary phase of our strategic partnership, the focus has been on consolidating all domain names in order to get total control. When all domain names are consolidated at Ports Group, apart from the daily consultation and carrying out of domain name related actions, the ongoing work will shift focus to sanitise the portfolio and taking informed decisions regarding potential cancellations of domain names that are not registered according to plan.

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