Consolidating domain names and hosting services – as well as legal actions regarding infringements – for the company that is revolutionizing bicycle safety.



Hövding were having a lot of problems caused by their domain names and hosting services being scattered, as well as having outdated/wrong contact data. Furthermore, there were a lot of holes regarding the domain names for the current and future markets. Lastly, many domain names that “ought” to be owned by Hövding were registered by other parties.



Analysis of the current state of domain names, as well as action plan for consolidating domain names and hosting services. Clean-up by transferring the domain names and hosting services to Ports Group, as well as owner transfers and additional registrations according to the action plan. Legal services (cease and desist letters) to solve the problem with cybersquatters and Watch Services in order to identify potential new infringements.



A uniform, consistent and long-term portfolio for domain names and hosting services, watched and managed with outsourced administration, legal responsibility and close strategic collaboration by Ports Group.

”When Ports Group presented their solution for consolidating and simplifying the management of our domain names and hosting services, it immediately felt good, obvious, easy and logical. The implementation was carried out incredibly smoothly and we feel very safe with Ports Group.”

Anna-Katarina Skogh

Director of Marketing and Communications at Hövding

Hövding is a Swedish innovation company that in 2005 got the unique idea to create an “airbag for cyclists”. In 2006 they went on to win the Venture Cup for young entrepreneurs, and in the same year they formed the company Hövding Sweden AB with the goal of getting the product to market. The journey from concept into an approved and certified product then took seven years. Today, Hövding is sold in 16 markets in Europe as well as in Japan. Presently, Hövding has sold over 50 000 airbags. According to tests conducted at Stanford University, Hövding’s unique airbag for cyclists provides up to eight times better protection against concussion compared to traditional bicycle helmets.


At the time of initiating the partnership between Ports Group and Hövding, Hövding had found themselves in the same situation as many other rapidly growing companies. They had registered domain names and set up hosting services in different stages of their development, at different suppliers, with different contact information, and no strategy for protecting the markets they plan to be launching in within 5-10 years. Together, we created an analysis of the current state of the domain names. This included the domain names that were registered by Hövding or their partners, but also the ones that were registered by previously unknown parties with dubious intentions. At the same time, a plan was formulated for which domain names for potential future markets that ought to be added to the portfolio. Once this was completed, an action plan was formulated for creating a consolidated and uniform domain name portfolio, free from infringements. The project was given to Ports Group’s domain name consultants that initiated a clean-up that included transfer of all domain names, updating all contact and owner information, as well as transferring the hosting services, of course without affecting Hövding’s web operations. Simultaneously, additional domain registrations for protecting future markets and relevant new generic top-level domains were made, all according to the plan.

Cease-and-desist letters and takeover of domains

In the initial domain name analysis, a couple of domain names were found and perceived as ones that, according to the overall plan, ought to have been registered by Hövding. Hövding had previously been considering acquiring these domain names from their owners at the time. However, Ports Group recommended a preliminary investigation in order to evaluate the possibilities to legally claim rights to the domain names. The investigations clearly showed that Hövding’s chances of winning a potential domain name dispute, regarding all affected domain names, were good. Luckily, it rarely has to go that far. Before a domain name dispute is initiated, a cease-and-desist letter containing information and an injunction to hand over the domain name is always sent to the current owner. The reasons are twofold; firstly, it is a requirement to be able to initiate a domain name dispute that the owner has been informed in advance; secondly, a cease-and-desist letter often enough to reach the goal of getting control of the domain name. In all of Hövding’s cases we never needed to proceed with a dispute since all domain names were transferred to us as a result of the cease-and-desist letters.

Management and Watch Services

The result is that Hövding today has a domain name portfolio that is consistent and according to plan, and is managed in a service where Ports Group has taken over both the administrative and legal responsibility for renewals. Furthermore, the previously scattered hosting services, such as DNS, are now consolidated and administered by the domain name consultants at Ports Group. Last but not least, the domain name portfolio is continuously monitored with Watch Services in order to identify domain name registrations that potentially could pose a threat to the Hövding brand.

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Behind the Swedish innovation that is currently revolutionizing bicycle safety, stands Hövding. Studies conducted at Stanford University shows that Hövding’s unique airbag for cyclists provides up to eight times better protection against concussion compared to traditional bicycle helmets. Hövding is currently sold in Europe and in Japan.