Managing domain names, web servers, DNS-servers and SSL-certificates for one of Sweden’s largest banks.

”All co-operation is built on trust. Ports Group has always met our highest expectations, and proactively offered solutions for a cost-effective and secure online presence for Landshypotek Bank.”

Landshypotek Bank

This is what we do for Landshypotek Bank:

  • Corporate Domain Management
  • SSL certificatation
  • DNS management
  • Hosting web server

The journey that Landshypotek Bank and Ports Group have made together started in 2003 when Landshypotek chose to consolidate its domain portfolio with the help of Ports Group. Since then Landshypotek and Ports Group have worked together to create a robust online protection to prevent cybersquatting and typo squatting, i.e. infringements of important wordings through registration of domain names. Domain names are also continually directed to the main page

In 2010 we also started a collaboration focused on advanced hosting services such as DNSSEC, which eliminates the risk that a user can temporarily hijack a domain name and redirect traffic to another server. Ports Group also provides SSL certificates for Landshypotek. SSL is a security mechanism used to encrypt communication between two units; usually between a web server and a website visitor. The value of encrypting data between units is that others in the network, (usually the Internet), are able to intercept or manipulate information. Ports Group has also operated Landshypotek’s website on a dedicated virtual server since 2011.

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Landshypotek Bank became a bank in 2013 and has the same core business as when it started in 1836: to finance farmers’ and forestry holders’ investments to enable ventures and entrepreneurship in the countryside. The company is a member-owned niche bank, minimising the cost of financing agriculture and forestry, with profits being invested in farming and forestry. Landshypotek is Sweden’s ninth largest bank.

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