Ports Group assists the leading Business Intelligence company globally, with a 360 view on their digital IP-management.



As a global company with a well-known brand, Qlik needs a strategic partner for the registration, management and global monitoring of domain names.



Registration and management of the global domain name portfolio for the Qlik company group, as well as monitoring for infringements. We also assist the legal department at Qlik to assess infringements and give recommendations on which hits to act upon.



A strong strategic partnership with a consolidated global domain name portfolio and extensive monitoring of infringements. As a member of the Domain Governance Group within Qlik, Ports Group is also strategically handling the domain management within all parts of the Qlik company group.

“Qlik has worked with Ports Group for many years and with much success. We love working with Per and the team as they always deliver a great result and are lovely people to work with.”

Alice Hume

Director & Senior Corporate Counsel Intellectual Property

Qlik Tech International AB is the major global player in Business Intelligence and Data Visualization. Just like many Ports Group clients (such as Spotify, SSAB, PostNord among many others), Qlik Tech (below called Qlik) has been a trusted client for many years. Qlik was founded in 1993 by Björn Berg and Staffan Gestrelius in the Swedish city of Lund, and has since been helping companies understand the continuously growing volume of data, created as a result of digitalization. Today, Qlik helps companies like Citigroup and Bridgestone with data analysis, a crucial part of every company today.   Qlik is indeed a global company; consequently, protecting domain names in all parts of the world becomes crucial for the protection of their brands. Therefore, the ability to centralize all domain name administration at ONE partner has been a prerequisite for achieving that level of brand protection. Due to Ports Groups ability to register domain names in all countries worldwide, Qlik has been able to keep growing, with Ports Group as their strategic partner. For Qlik, resellers play a major role for the business, with that the challenges with protecting their brands increase. A well-known problem with resellers from a domain management perspective, is that the resellers often like to “help” the company by registering the country’s respective domain in order to “protect” the brand, as well as channel traffic. This is seldom a problem during the years when you have a reseller agreement. However, the minute you decide to cancel that agreement and switch to a new reseller, one might find oneself in an unwanted situation. Throughout the years, this situation has occurred more than once for Qlik. As a result, Qlik and Ports Group have worked extensively together in order to make sure this situation will not occur again when entering a new market. Quickly becoming a major global player comes with the obvious effect that you become well-known very fast. This is of course in most part positive and a goal for most companies. However, having a brand with such high awareness has some effects that you might want to be on the lookout for. The most evident one is the risk of other companies trying to hijack your brand by finding ways to infringe upon it. This has definitely been the case for Qlik. Therefore, continuous monitoring of all domain name registrations worldwide that includes “qlik” (or typo’s like “klik” or qlick”) has been a very important part of the protection of their brands. Also, Qlik usually uses generic add-ons to their brand – such as “cloud”, “sense” or “tech” – making it even more complicated to monitor and enforce. To be able to monitor such a brand, it is important to consider:

    1. Firstly, Trademark protecting your brands is crucial in order to be able to enforce infringements – something that Qlik is especially good at and invests heavily in doing.


    1. A sophisticated domain name monitoring service is key.


  1. Be selective – use watch lists and only act when it is an obvious infringement, but when you do, do it fast and minimize the risk of an extensive legal conflict.

Ports Group assists Qlik with domain name registrations and a management service for ensured renewal. Ports Group also helps the legal department at Qlik to assess infringements and give recommendations when to act and not to. As a member of the Domain Governance Group within Qlik, Ports Group is also strategically handling the domain management within all parts of the Qlik company group.

Update May 2018:

As described in this post about us at Ports Group representing Mr Green in the domain name dispute regarding the domain name MR.GREEN, arbitrators have actually started to take a more holistic view of domain names than before. In May of 2018, on behalf of Qlik Tech International, we added another win in a domain name dispute regarding the domain name QLIK.TECH where a holistic view of the domain name had been taken. The win regarding QLIK.TECH is a clear sign that this trend shows no intention of slowing down, which is great news for all trademark holders.

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