Handling all trademark and domain related issues for a leading provider in northern Europe of financial and administrative services.



In order to grow and expand internationally in an incredibly competitive business, it requires proactive measures and strategic partnership for trademark and domain name related issues.



Longstanding partnership during the heavy expansion of Svea Ekonomi. Ports Group has been the strategic partner for control, management and monitoring of trademarks and domain names, including handling acquisitions and legal disputes regarding domain names.



A strong strategic partnership with a consolidated portfolio of trademarks and domain names. All trademarks are continuously watched, legally and digitally, in order to prevent both infringements as well as “legal” threats such as similar trademark applications.

”Ports Group has for many years been handling our domain names and we have always been very satisfied with our partnership. A couple of years ago, we felt the need to coordinate our trademarks with the management of our domain names, we chose Ports Group and they took care of the entire process. Billy Affelin has been our primary contact all through the entire partnership; both he and his colleagues have been great to deal with. Besides being happy with their expertise, we appreciate their proactive attitude – they are always on top of things and keep us updated with tips and recommendations, in individual cases as well as purely strategic issues.”

Iréne Thorstensson

Web Manager Svea Ekonomi

The collaboration between Svea Ekonomi and Ports Group started already back in the 1990’s. During the years, the strategic partnership has deepened. From having solely been a domain name provider to the Svea Ekonomi Group, Ports Group is today a strategic advisor that handles the management and monitoring of trademarks and domain names for the Svea Ekonomi Group. Svea Ekonomi operates in a line of business that is very competitive, and they operate in a large part of Europe. This creates a demand for a partner that is both proactive and highly competent in regards to strategic issues concerning trademarks and domain names. With so many moving parts in terms of trademarks and domain names combined with operations on many markets, there has been a need for advice regarding the prioritisation of actions regarding the trademark and domain name portfolio. There has also been a need for getting control of domain names registered by other parties, getting a clear overview, and (not least) consolidating trademarks and domain names with one provider.

Disputes and acquisistions

In the best of all possible worlds, every new venture would mean a total lack of previously registered trademarks and/or domain names. Although, at Ports Group this is a scenario we have very seldom experienced, at least not during the last 20 years. Svea Ekonomi is a company group that is constantly evolving, with a multitude of new products and services each year. Our work at Ports Group is therefore carried out very much continuously, in order to meet the challenges that each new venture faces. Good domain names are seldom available for anyone to register. For many, this means that a venture under the desired brand name is not possible. This is far however from the truth. At Ports Group, we have over 20 years’ experience in acquiring domain names registered by others for our clients. Because we handle the entire process, always keep our client secret and are skilful negotiators, we are often able to acquire domain names for sums that are way below the agreed budget. Together, Svea Ekonomi and Ports Group have during the years formulated a sustainable strategy for a long-term management of trademarks and domain names. This means continuous work with domain names that are infringing on Svea Ekonomi’s trademarks. We have sent multiple cease-and-desist letters as well as carried out legal disputes, of which we have won all.

Trademark Management

As we now know, The Svea Ekonomi Group is an organisation with many companies, trademarks and markets. Almost without exceptions, these kinds of situations lead to a complex and extensive trademark structure. During 2015, a process was initiated where Ports Group consolidated all of the trademarks registered by Svea Ekonomi, in a secure management with legal responsibility for renewals.

Monitoring of trademarks and domain names

Not having a well-formulated plan for the ongoing work with Watch Services is something we identify as being a common reason for business critical consequences. Ports Group therefore provide Svea Ekonomi with monitoring of trademarks and domain names, all according to a common plan with daily reporting.


The Svea Ekonomi Group and Ports Group currently have a strong strategic relationship with a consolidated administration, management and monitoring of trademarks and domain names. Ports Group is also the strategic partner for proactive legal measures, such as preliminary investigations for trademarks and domain names before entering into a new venture. When entering into a new venture, Ports Group works with Svea Ekonomi with formulating action plans for trademarks and domain names, and subsequently carry them out on their behalf.

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