Ports Group Your all-in-one partner in brand security

Your all-in-one partner 
in brand protection

In a global and digitalized world, you need a unified branding strategy – legally, digitally and technically. We protect and monitor your brand, so you can focus on your core business.

How we can help you

Illustration of how Ports Group works
Illustration of how Ports Group works
Illustration of how Ports Group works


What we do

We handle all disciplines
of brand protection

Legally - Monitoring and protecting your rights

Our lawyers are experts in brand strategy and trademark protection. Their knowledge ensures that your brand has strong protection against infringement in all markets. Trademark Protection services

Digitally - A trusted domain registrar company

With over 25 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of registered domain names worldwide, we can make sure you get the domain you need quickly. We collect your domain holdings in an easily manageable portfolio for optimal overview and control. Domain Management services

Technically - Safeguarding critical infrastructure

Our technical experts actively secure your IT infrastructure. They make sure that you have adequate email protection and the right and updated digital certificates. All to reduce the risk of intrusion and abuse. IT Security services

How we do it

Effective and customized advice by our in-house specialists


Our brand protection offer

Trademark Protection

Domain Management

IT Security

Expertis in-house Ports Group kollegor


4 business critical reasons you need Ports Group

Protect and strengthen your brand
Gain control of your digital assets
Safeguard technology and IT operations
Increase and secure corporate value

Overview and control
with Ports Management

In Ports Management, you get a comprehensive overview of all your SSL certificates, domain names, hosting services and trademarks managed by Ports Group.

  • Easy-to-use platform for complete overview
  • Simple management and control over your assets
  • Self-service and access to live customer support
  • Secure login and data transfer

Ports Management 

Ports Management kundplattform

Vi skyddar varumärken juridiskt

About us

We protect investments in brands and products

We create value by empowering our customers to safely invest time, money, and energy in building their business. With extensive experience and expertise, we protect and strengthen your company's most important assets.

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Customer cases

Customers we work with

Storm Commerce

Storm Commerce

Handling strategic and legal issues during the rebranding

Landshypotek Bank

Management of domain names, web servers, DNS and SSL certificates


We deliver a comprehensive trademark and domain portfolio for Vasaloppet

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