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We are experts in brand security. We provide our clients with comprehensive brand protection services. As a customer, you get a tailored solution that includes a dedicated customer team that provides quick support and advice for proactive management of your brand assets. We have a holistic approach to managing trademark and domain portfolios with reach all over the world. 

Furthermore, you get access to Ports Management, an industry-leading platform that is unique in its kind. It gives you control of all your protected trademarks, domains, and certificates – in one easy-to-use solution.

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Our customer commitment


Ports Group provides active protection of the exclusive rights to your brand. We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to both detect and deal with potentially harmful threats efficiently – before they grow into major, costly problems.


We take a holistic approach to brand security, regardless of whether it concerns your trademarks, domains or cyber security. By managing your brands, domains, and certificates jointly, we secure your rights and give you better overview of your assets, so you can focus on your business.


In a world with unceasing globalization, increased competition and new emerging corporate threats, a collective grasp of brand and web strategy is required. By gathering all the necessary expertise in-house, we can provide you with complete and strong brand protection.

Some of our clients

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The story of brand security


Domain names obtainable in Sweden

Entrepreneurs Hans Thorén and Per-Anders Hurtigh are among the first to give the public an opportunity to acquire domain names and hosting solutions.


Sweden's first ICANN registrar

The monopoly on .COM is abolished and ICANN is formed. Our journey starts with the company becoming Sweden's very first ICANN-accredited registrar. This means that we also are Europe's third and the world's seventh registrar.

EARLY 20000S

Protection for intellectual property grows

In the early 2000s, companies see an increased need to monitor and strengthen their intellectual property rights. Ports Group becomes an early player in brand management, which contributes to the company's continued strong growth.

LATE 2000S

The world’s organizations go online

Digitization is gaining momentum and the world is changing rapidly. It is now a matter of course for all businesses to be available online and on social media. This development attracts the interest of criminals, who see opportunities to commit new types of fraud by taking advantage of the security loopholes that now expose companies and their data.


A vision for Brand Security

Ports Group becomes even more pronounced in its vision to protect brand assets around the world. Our new aim is to become an all-in-one partner in Brand Security as we have the in-house expertise required to deliver a complete solution for all disciplines of brand protection. 


Ports Management is launched

Companies are seeing a growing need to gather, review and manage their global brand assets. We see an opportunity to create a digital solution where customers can make purchases and renewals themselves, but also get a comprehensive overview of their asset portfolio. This originates the development of our pioneering customer platform Ports Management.


Legal, digital, and technical advisors

Here we are today. As pro-active brand security advisors we support our clients to grow and become industry leaders. And as all companies face different challenges, we always tailor a solution to suit individual needs and are steadily available for proactive advice. We are really passionate about what we do and proud leaders in comprehensive Brand Security!


Employees - the heart of our culture

Port Group currently has about 80 employees and offices in Gothenburg (HQ), Stockholm, Malmö, Marbella, Malta and Barcelona.

Our company employs many different types of experts: intellectual property lawyers, tech specialists, software developers, domain strategists and trademark experts – all equally passionate about brand security.

What unites us at Ports Group is that we are a group of dedicated and exceptional individuals with cutting-edge expertise that bring great value to both colleagues and clients.

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