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Ports Group gets eight new colleagues in one week!

This week, Ports Group’s HQ in Gothenburg has almost been vibrating because of the injection of energy we have gotten from the introduction of no less than eight new colleagues.

It is always fun with new faces, but this new addition is something special because it is the biggest group of new colleagues that has started during the same week.

A very varm welcome to Marie, Sepideh, Jimmy, Sara, Jesper, Julia, Rebecca and Auguste!

Ports Group is right now in the middle of an intensive expansion phase. That is why we are investing a lot of effort in attracting skilled and driven individuals that can be a part of taking this company to the next level. Our new colleagues will be complementing our sales, consultancy, development and finance department.

After a first introductory period here at the HQ in Gothenburg, half of our new colleagues will be staying here, Jimmy will be joining our Stockholm team and Sara, Auguste and Jesper will be a part of the expansion of the Malmö office. The expansion of our team in Malmö, that are responsible for South Sweden and Denmark, is a natural yet exciting step in the development of our business.

Feel free to click the "contact cards" of our new colleagues to read more about them!

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