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Now that we are approaching the end of 2016, we at Ports Group would like to take the opportunity to thank our clients and partners, as well as summarize one of our most exciting years to date.

During 2016 we have initiated and finalized a merger of our companies Dipcon, Ports IT, Qpol, Domaininfo and Strop Digital Studio, where we now operate under one company, and one brand; Ports Group.

For more information regarding our merger/rebranding, visit this page.

If 2016 has been a year of change, then 2017 will be a year of expansion. During the last few months we have initiated a large scale expansion phase, which entails recruiting several new co-workers to Ports Group. During the spring of 2017 we will also be opening our new office in Malmö, to complement our existing offices in Gothenburg and Stockholm. We also plan to launch Ports Group’s first office outside of Sweden!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients and partners for this past year, and the participation we have felt from you. Many thanks!

This year, due to international turmoil, we have taken a unilateral decision to donate to charity, as we have done in previous years, instead of handing out Christmas gifts. We are doing this in the name of our clients, partners as well as our co-workers.

This year we decided to donate to Save the Children, but we also want to emphasize the amazing work done by SOS Children’s Villages which we support continuously.

Happy Holidays to all of you, and we´ll see you in 2017!

With kind regards,

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