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Prior to major commercial holidays there are a significant increase of brand infringements online. Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving and has become a phenomenon in large parts of the western world. Another commercial holiday is the so-called "Singles Day" which is very big in China and Asia. New reports show clear links between these days and increased digital brand infringement. The reports testify, among other things, that for one, unnamed luxury brand, no less than 171 individual infringements were registered just 2 days before Singles Day.

Before Black Friday, there is there for great reason to be extra vigilant about how the brand is used online. Buyers, for example, are often less likely to feel suspicious when counterfeit goods are sold at cheaper prices (under the pretext that they are a "temporary offer"). Other forms of infringements are so-called "phishing emails" where customers are asked to click on links to access the "offer" where fraudsters collect sensitive information. Here it is up to you as a company to ensure that you are communicating from your domain. This is done through the implementation of DMARC and a continuous analysis of the e-mail flow.

So how, as a company, should you protect your brand?


If you want help overseeing your level of brand security, or if you suspect you have been compromised, you can always contact Ports Group. We have over 25 years of experience in protecting all parts of the brand - legally, digitally and technically.

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