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We can finally announce that Ports Group is the very first Swedish registrar for .NZ, the ccTLD for New Zealand.

The TLD is administered by InternetNZ through its subsidiary NZRS Limited, with oversight and dispute resolution handled by the Domain Name Commission Limited (DNCL).

The registry recently decided to allow domains to be registered at second level, aligning their TLD with other major top level domains. Since then we have been presented with strong numbers showing a steady rise in registrations, increasing traffic volume and a trust in the TLD, amongst other things.

A study presented by NZRS says that 67% of internet users in New Zealand prefer .NZ when searching for information online, 72% prefer it when buying products or services and 67% when reading news stories. New Zealand is also one of the countries in Oceania with the highest domain count per person with a steady renewal rate.

In short, the growth of the TLD is undeniable and should not be disregarded by any business in or outside of New Zealand. We know that in an expanding domain market it is important to secure your online presence and be visible where the audience is.

InternetNZ (along with NZRS Ltd and DNCL) has slowly worked toward opening the domain market in New Zealand, bettering their infrastructure while making the necessary changes needed to create a fair environment for the registration and management of .NZ domains.

Becoming a registrar has required strenuous efforts which not only shows the interest and resources that Ports Group have being the registrar for many other ccTLDs and continuing the progression. But it also shows that Ports Group wants to be as close to the registries as possible and therefore value the quality in the service we give to our clients.

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