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It is no news that the trademark has a more important and prominent function today than ever before. The trademark is not only exposed in physical environments, but also online – worldwide.

Therefore, it is highly important, if not even a matter of course, to secure and protect one’s brand – a process that generally starts with a trademark registration as well as the registration of the trademark’s reflecting domain names. By accomplishing this, you as a brand owner has a solid foundation to continue building the brand protection, and also to defend yourself against infringements. Moreover, both trademarks and domain names have the function of identification factors towards the consumers in order to assure them that they can rely on the brand, meeting their expectations of it.

The registered trademark has filled an important function when it comes to legally assuring intellectual property rights. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that this function would become useful in other parts of an organization. Lately, it has become very clear that the trademark nowadays is being more and more integrated with the IT-sector, and it is becoming an important identification factor within IT-services.

Digicert, the leading provider of high-assurance certificates, has presented a suggestion regarding validation of EV-certificates. The purpose of the suggestion is that the trademark should be exposed in the web browser and thus ensure that the actual trademark holder is behind the webpage.


This suggestion provided by Digicert, confirms that a trademark registration fills not only the function of a legal matter. Instead it shows that IT and law are merging more and more, making these IT-services related to the trademark not only a question for the IT-department but also for the marketing- and management departments within an organization.

In light of what is mentioned above, our recommendation is that organizations have to make sure that their registered trademarks (both word- and figurative trademarks) are up-to-date. A trademark application process generally takes from four months up to a year before reaching registration. It is therefore important to submit the trademark application as early as possible. This will give you the opportunity to take advantage and maintain your brand protection not only for the legal function but for the IT-services as well.

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