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As most of you know, e-commerce has virtually exploded during the last decade:


of Nordic consumers e-commerce came from abroad. 1


of the Nordic population bought something online during an average month 2016. 2

1554 kr

is the estimated value a Nordic consumer spent online during an average month 2016. 3

259 mdkr

is the estimated total sum Nordic consumers spent online during 2016. 4

The result of this is that demands have been raised, both in terms of laws and regulations, but also from clients. The qualities consumers value the most when choosing an online store is total prize, clear information and simple navigation.5

44% of those who shop online has one time or another cancelled an ongoing purchase. Among the reasons are:

Unclear terms

26% of those who have cancelled a purchase stated this as their main reason. 6

Low credibility

19% stated an overall low credibility in the merchant as their primary reason. 7

Demands in terms of laws and regulations have also been raised. Not complying to the current laws and regulations can result in business critical consequences such as being forced to cease trading, oftentimes combined with high fines.

Avoid badwill and high costs with our new service Website Compliance

The Ports Group legal team have put together the service Website Compliance. During a web audit we ensure your website complies with both the formal as well as informal demands put on e-commerce sites today.

The audit results in a tailored report with clear instructions on potential required actions needed in order to comply with law and regulations regarding e-commerce, which also may improve both the credibility as well as overall experience of the site.


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