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Apple Vision Pro

Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, successfully obtained the trademark for "Vision Pro" in China – four years before Apple.

The clash for 'Vision Pro'

Apple recently announced its groundbreaking VR product, the Vision Pro. However, Huawei already holds the trademark for "Vision Pro" in China until 2031. This could pose obstacles for Apple's product in the Chinese market.

Intense competition and strategic scheming

The revelation sheds light on the intense competition and strategic maneuvering within the tech industry. Apple had recently introduced the "Pro" branding to its product lineup, including the iPhone 12 Pro and MacBook Pro, but it appears that Huawei had secured the "Vision Pro" trademark back in 2017.

This legal triumph provides Huawei an advantage in marketing its future products under the "Vision Pro" brand name in China, possibly creating potential challenges for Apple's expansion plans on this huge and important market.

3 options for Apple

Luisa Grillo, one of our lawyers with tech expertise, shares her thoughts on Apple's options:

  • Rebranding: Apple could choose a different name exclusively for the Chinese market to avoid infringing on Huawei's trademark.
  • Negotiations: Apple could negotiate with Huawei for permission to use the Vision Pro trademark in China, although this may be time-consuming.
  • Excluding China from the launch: Apple could choose not to launch the product in China, but this could result in significant losses due to China's importance in the tech market.

A good reminder to conduct a comprehensive trademark search prior to finalising a new product name!

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