Ports Group – English / Blog / City of Stockholm starts using .STOCKHOLM

As described in our client case for the city of Stockholm, Ports Group handled the application process for Stockholm’s very own top-level domain – .STOCKHOLM. Read it here.

In April of 2018, Marcelle Abou Haidar, project manager at the city of Stockholm, appeared in an interview in Swedish magazine Computer Sweden and talked about .STOCKHOLM. Read it here (in Swedish) or here (in a rough translation to English).

In the article, Marcelle talks a bit about why the city of Stockholm took the actual decision to apply for their very own top-level domain, and how the upcoming migration of Stockholm's web to .STOCKHOLM will take place, strategically as well as technically.

An interesting part of the article is the comparison that is drawn to already launched "city domains", like .BERLIN, .LONDON, .NYC (New York) and .BRUSSELS. Stockholm has the advantage of looking at these top-level domains and weighing the pros and cons of the different strategic choices that have been made regarding how to use your own top-level domain.

At Ports Group, we are of course enjoying being able to follow longtime client the city of Stockholm and their journey with the top-level domain we had a part in creating.

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