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Christmas Greetings

It is the last day before some holiday leave, and we are currently wrapping up the exciting and fun year that 2018 has been.

We would like to take some time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and hope that you are as excited as we are for 2019 and what it will bring.

This year Ports Group has chosen to donate money to "Läkare Utan Gränser/Médecins Sans Frontières" instead of buying presents to clients and partners.

Läkare Utan Gränser/Médecins Sans Frontières is a medical, humanitarian organisation that saves lives and alleviates suffering where they are needed the most. They assist people who have been affected by crises, war or natural disasters, regardless of political affiliation, religion or ethnicity.
Every year, around 3 200 international field workers deploy on missions to over 70 countries and work side by side with around 32 000 local employees to implement MSF’s work.
In 1999 MSF received the Nobel Peace Prize.

It is our wish that this will give hope to those who need it the most - and contribute to making the world a little safer. Thank you Läkare Utan Gränser/Médecins Sans Frontières for the work you do!

Merry Christmas!

Ports Group


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