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For a long time now, we at Ports Group have been seeing a clear connection between the likelihood of client recommending us to an acquaintance, and the number of services used by the client.

However, not everyone knows the full scope of our services. We want to change that! So here are some interesting facts you probably did not know from some of our recent client case studies. Enjoy!

Apart from being entrusted to manage online gaming giant Mr Green’s entire domain name portfolio, Ports Group also watches app stores in order to take down apps that might be in conflict with their trademarks. Read more

Ports Group handles the entire domain name portfolio for the world’s leading music streaming service. Read more

Ports Group handled the application process for the City of Stockholm’s very own top-level domain – .STOCKHOLM  – that is to be launched this November. Read more

Ports Group handles all trademark- and domain name related issues for one of the leading providers of financial and administrative services in Europe. Read more

Ports Group takes legal actions in order to stop infringements and protect the trademark for Hövding, the Swedish innovation company that is revolutionizing bicycle safety. Read more

In their rebranding process to become Storm Commerce, we aided Enferno with preliminary legal investigations, acquisition of their new primary domain name storm.io and trademark applications. Read more

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If you want to know more about any of the services mentioned in the cases above, just reach out to your dedicated contact, or simply use the form on our contact page.

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