The rise of e-mail fraud began to pose a threat to Oatly's business

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The increase in email scams led to further intensification

As a publicly known brand with presence in over 20 countries, Oatly has a major responsibility to ensure and maintain a high level of security to protect both themselves and their partners. For over 10 years, Oatly has relied on us to be their strategic partner for domain names and DNS.

By 2017, the number of reported email fraud increased by over 1000% and Oatly needed to secure its business against this threat.

After a period of having seen the extreme rise in the occurrence of false emails, we turned to Ports Group. Ports presented their service Secure Email (ECP) for us, which seemed promising. After a bit of tweaking and thorough analysis work with Ports, the problem is now basically eliminated.

Jacob Malmros

Jacob Malmros

IT Manager - Oatly


The control ensures Oatly's digital presence

Utöver löpande hantering och säker förvaltning av domännamn och DNS åtog sig Ports Group 2018 att säkra upp e-posthanteringen och i det minimera risken för att Oatlys digitala identitet används för e-postbedrägerier. Detta ledde till att Ports Groups tjänst Email Compromise Protection implementerades.

Genom att säkra upp hela kedjan från en samlad och säker hantering av domännamn och DNS, implementation av säkerhetsmekanismer för att motverka e-postbedrägeri till bevakning av tredjepartsregistreringar av domännamn, har Oatly och Ports Group tagit alla rimliga åtgärder för att säkra upp Oatlys digitala närvaro.


Secure email management led to secure identity

Oatly has long been at the forefront of creating a secure IT presence. Therefore, it is no wonder that they realized early on the importance of securing their email management, thus minimizing the risk of someone being able to use their identity to commit fraud.

In order to ensure that Oatly has an email management that is as secure as possible, Secure Email (ECP) service was implemented. The process began with a preliminary study during which we monitored and analyzed Oatly’s email flow from all domain names for a period of time. 

The purpose was to check the current situation and identify legitimate and non-legitimate senders. When the preliminary study was completed, the results was presented to Oatly, where we also presented recommended implementing a policy for authenticating sending mail servers. Unlike the usual use of the word “policy”, which usually involves a management document on an intranet, a “policy” in this context means a technical security mechanism at the DNS level that determines what happens when a “non-legitimate” mail reaches its recipient. After presenting the preliminary study and its results, we agreed on the implementation of a number of authentication and monitoring mechanisms.

The result of this is a secure email management with a hundred percent “reject” of any attempt to send non-legitimate email via which appears to come from Oatly has therefore taken responsibility for protecting themselves, but also their customers and partners, from fraudulent behaviour.

Solutions in the case

Säker e-post

Secure email, ECP

The technology behind secure email protects organizations against email fraud, both internally and externally for customers and suppliers.

VMC Certificate

Verified Mark Certificate lets your company render a logotype in your customer’s e-mail clients. Become one of the first businesses with VMC.

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