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Spotify needed help with global domain management

Spotify turned to us when they needed help managing and monitoring their domain name portfolio. In addition, they needed us to help them ensure that their rights where on place in the event of infringement.

Our co-operation with Spotify started shortly after the music streaming service was launched. Because we had started managing domains globally at an early stage, we were able to help them secure domain name registrations in several countries. This advantage has supported Spotify’s rapid development into a global company. We are especially proud of the fact that they have never felt the need to change supplier.

Jesper Petersen

Jesper Petersen

Client Manager for Spotify


Global portfolios require the right expertise

It’s crucial for an international company to have integrated and secure management. Spotify is a trademark that is especially exposed to various infringements. We help Spotify assess what is reasonable to register. This means that we work proactively by advising about new top domains and other changes to keep Spotify in the loop, and assist with strategic advice about how and what should be registered. We also work reactively with monitoring. Our key strength is that we have the resources to handle global portfolios.

We help Spotify with

  • Corporate Domain Management
  • Registrations and transfers of domain names
  • Advice on the management of domain portfolio and new top level domains
  • Monitoring of third party registrations


Structure and monitoring protects the brand

Our strength and uniqueness is that we offer all top domains in the world – we are an ICANN-accredited domain name supplier – and we administer, renew and structure Spotify’s domain portfolio. We monitor the Spotify trademark, and alert any infringement of it, for example with misspellings or similar names, (such as or We also help them block and monitor registrations under new top level domains. And we handle takeovers of previously registered, infringing domain names–either through purchase or legal measures.

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About Spotify


Spotify is a digital music streaming service with access to millions of songs. The company was founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. It was initially an exclusive music community, open only to specially invited individuals. When Spotify was launched for a broad public in 2008 it became the leading platform for listening to music from all over the world legally, without needing to buy it. Spotify’s users today have access to one of the fastest growing catalogues of licensed music in the world. In 2015 Spotify had 75 million users and more than 20 million hours of music available for users. The service is available in 55 countries.

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