Now able to offer customers an all-in-one solution in brand protection

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CoreIT was in need of improving its customer delivery and administration

As a full-service supplier of services and products in the IT sphere, CoreIT was unable to offer its own total solution in brand protection. However, there was no shortage of demand for this type of service and expertise, so CoreIT already had the majority of suppliers to meet customer needs. Managing these different suppliers involves not only spending a lot of unnecessary time on administration it also adds complexity to the delivery and increases the risk for the customers.

The knowledge needed for brand protection covers several different areas. So CoreIT saw a need to bring in a full-service partner to swiftly implement a solution in their operations and avoid having several suppliers within the same area. 


Able to offer customers an all-in-one solution

A partnership with Ports Group means that CoreIT can now offer its customers a complete solution in trademark protection, domain management, and cyber security. They have access to a user-friendly platform and the right to sell Ports Group's solutions under their own brand name. In this case, the partnership includes the following services: domain management, SSL certificates, and monitoring.

CoreIT now has related trademark protection services grouped with the same provider and in the same platform. This makes it easy for them to get a clear overview of use of services and invoicing

Rikard Andrée

Rikard Andree

Partner Director at Ports Group


Been able to increase the value for the customer base

Eva Lennartsdotter Åsander, sales representative at CoreIT, is pleased that she can work proactively with her customers and support them by building strong brand protection and with managing their domains. Eva not only avoids unnecessary admin, she can also monitor customers' brands and take action in case of any trademark infringement.

So the partnership with Ports Group has broadened the range of services CoreIT offers, increasing the value for the customer base. As mentioned, brand protection isn’t a key expertise internally. But Eva says, “our direct contacts at Ports Group provide quick help and advice when questions arise.” 

Being able to gather our customers' domain portfolios and monitor trademark infringement is important to us and our customers

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Eva Lennartsdotter Åsander

Sales representative at CoreIT

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