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An SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer), or TLS (Transport Layer Security) which is the latest and most secure version of SSL, is something that all websites that wants to be visible in Google needs. But choosing the right certificate based on your needs can feel confusing. Get a free analysis and advice to know which certificate is best suited for you!

Free SSL analysis


Easy management in your platform

In Ports Management you get a complete overview of both your SSL Certificates, domain names, hosting services and trademarks managed by us. In the portal you can:

  • Manage orders
  • Check status of the certificate
  • Keep track of expiration dates
  • Download certificate files
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What is an SSL certificate?

By encrypting traffic between the web server and the browser (or between two servers) an TLS / SSL certificate prevents any outsider from eavesdropping on the data being sent. This includes sensitive data such as usernames, passwords and account information transmitted to your database or other systems.

We offer a wide range of SSL certificates

By being Platinum Partner to the world-leading certificate provider Digicert, we can offer you broad expertise on the various certificates, access to the best support and get the latest information before others. The certificates can be ordered with Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV). You can see these as a validation of how much you want a visitor to your site to know about your business. If you have a smaller website, a DV certificate may be enough, while if you have a larger business and want the visitor to be able to confirm that you are really you, an EV certificate may be a better alternative. Not sure which certificate is best for you? Check out our Info graphic that guides you right.


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In collaboration with you, we review the status of your certificates. What certificates do you have today, and when do they expire? From which issuers? Do you have the right level of security? We summarize this and much more in a document with a recommended action plan.

Get an analysis


Get control through consolidation

Based on the action plan we develop we give you the opportunity to carry out a consolidation to create the best protection, control and cost efficiency. You also get an overall view and control of all your certificates via our customer portal Ports Management.


Ongoing renewals

Through the Multi Year Plan, you can buy certificates with terms of up to 6 years. In addition, we confidently oversees the renewal and validation of your certificates every year. Your certificate management and administration is supervised by us.

How to transfer your SSL

Why Ports

Advantages of SSL management

Perfect overview

Via the Ports Management interface, you get a uniquely clear overview of your SSL certificates, domain names, hosting services and trademarks managed by us.

Peace of mind management

We make sure that you have the latest information about necessary renewals of your certificates. This reduces the risk of certificates falling by the wayside, which is all too common in large organizations. Read more about Supervised Management.

Platinum Partner for best support

As a Platinum Partner of DigiCert (the world’s largest SSL distributor), we can offer favorable prices on safe and secure SSL management, including your own contact person providing you with dedicated support.

Cost-effective options

Our Multi Year Plan empowers you to order SSL certificates for up to 6 years. You do not need to keep track of renewals, as Ports monitors and renews the certificates every year to a fixed subscription fee.

Management options for your SSL certificates

We offer two different solutions for managing your certificates. Either you use a sub-account where the administration is handled by your own organization, but we can also provide a fully supervised solution where we manages your certificate administration.

Self-managed through a sub-account

Recommended if you want to manage SSL-certificates using resources in your own organization.

  • Access to a sub-account with DigiCert
  • Responsibility for orders and renewals lies with your organization
  • Summary invoices from Ports make administration smoother
  • Premium support included
  • Can be integrated with our Multi Year Plan
  • Through our Platinum Partnership you get faster support, you will be the first to find out the latest and you will get the most cost-effective solutions

Supervised management with first-class service

Recommended for those customers who want to focus on their business and let our experts handle the management.

  • A solution where we take full charge in securing the management of your SSL certificates
  • We conduct an initial review to gain insights about your certificates and provide you with an overview of them
  • We assist in applying a centralized internal process for the request of SSL certificates by establishing authorized orderers in your organization. From there, we take care of your orders from start to finish
  • We take full care of renewals and reminders
  • We can assist in creating CSR files and converting a certificate into appropriate formats such as PEM or PFX. An order is usually processed in 15 to 60 minutes
  • We keep track of your organization’s validations
  • This service can be integrated with our Multi Year Plan.
  • Through our Platinum Partnership you get faster support, you will be the first to find out the latest and you will get the most cost-effective solutions

Get a free SSL analysis

What certificates do you have today, and when do they expire? From which issuers? Do you have the right level of security? It is not always easy to keep track of all certificates and critical problems can arise. To help you avoid these problems, we offer a free analysis of your public SSL certificates.

What you get

  • Mapping of your existing portfolio
  • Assessment of the level of security of your certificates today
  • Tips on actions and recommendations
  • Price information for managing your portfolio
  • Advice on possible merging of certificates in order to reduce costs


What is required to order a SSL certificate?

In addition to accurate company information matching the domain owner, you need a CSR file from the server designated to use the SSL certificate.

Does the website or server need to be hosted by Ports Group for us to order certificates?

No, it is enough that you control the server where the certificate is to be installed or that you have access to a hosting provider that supports installation of certificates on your website.

What is a CSR file?

A CSR file is a request file used when ordering an SSL certificate. It contains the information to be included in the certificate such as common name, hostname and location. The CSR file is usually created on the server where the certificate is to be used, as the private key is generated in connection with CSR.

At Ports, we can help create your CSR files. At your request, we create a CSR file containing the private and public key when issuing your certificate. The file, which can be sent in .PFX or .PEM format, is of course password protected in order to be delivered securely via e-mail.

What is the difference between a standard and a wildcard certificate?

A standard SSL certificate protects only the common names and subject alternative names (SANs) that you enter in the CSR file or certificate request, while a wildcard certificate secures websites with multiple subdomains.

Example: If you order a wildcard certificate for *.support.se, you can secure alternative subdomains without specifying these in the certificate request. For example, you get the options to secure www.support.se, mail.support.se or blog.support.se.

Please note that wildcard certificates do not secure name extensions in front of the alternate subdomains, such as test.mail.support.se. If you would like to add a single name extension in front of your subdomain name, you can add a SAN to the certificate, specifying test.mail.support.se. But if you want to secure several extension in front of mail.support.se, your best option is to request a wildcard certificate for *.mail.support.se

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