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Do you need help with matters related to DNS? With in-house IT expertise, we can offer the latest DNS services. And with a single provider you can feel safe in the knowledge that there are no intermediaries. We make sure that everything is done safely and securely and that you get smooth management in our customer platform.

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We at Ports view DNS as the most important domain-related service of all because without the DNS the domain name quite simply doesn’t work. With us, all management takes place with the highest security and redundancy. With our platform, Ports Management, you have easy and flexible administration of your DNS services and full control over all domains.

  • Comprehensive logging for total traceability
  • A user-friendly interface for zone administration
  • Choose to schedule changes and restore zone backup through API access.
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What is DNS?

A domain name typically has several purposes. It can be used for website, email, and multiple other functions. In order to visit a website or send an email, you need to know the IP address of the specific server where that website or mail system is located. Because only a few people are able to memorize IP addresses, Domain Name System – DNS – was created.

What can happen without secure DNS management?

DNS is core in the construction of all online services. Websites, emails, business systems, IP telephony, apps, etc. are all dependent on DNS working. That’s why DNS service outages can create a lot of problems for businesses, the consequences being lost revenue, reduced productivity, and damaged brand trust.

One reason why they stop working could be that the provider has poor security, such as a lack of redundancy or a vulnerability to attacks. Or it could simply be due to a lack of control over where you have your DNS services and who is responsible for them. This is something that many discover too late. That’s why it is vital to find the right provider.

Who is the service for?

This service is for all kinds of organizations and authorities, both large and small, that place high demands on the security, performance, and availability of their resources online.

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