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Https redirects

With https redirects you get a completely automated solution that ensures all redirected domain names are assigned a TLS/SSL certificate. You increase security, get an improved ranking in search engines, and you also save time as manual input is usually required for each individual domain name. Contact us and we will tell you more!

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Benefits of https redirects

This solution ensures that your visitors are not met with the warning message "this page is unsafe". This message damages trust in your brand. In addition, web pages with an SSL certificate have a higher ranking on Google than pages without, which improves SEO.

  • An automated solution for assigning SSL certificates to multiple domains
  • Pages with SSL are ranked higher by Google than pages without
  • Previous campaign domains with a high ranking can be redirected to new pages while maintaining their link indexing
  • You save time and ensure that domain names do not risk channeling visitors to warning pages
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Why are https redirects necessary?

Most companies today don’t have just one domain name, but traffic to the main page comes from a number of domain names. This is called redirecting and is a service that requires configuring a DNS and a web server set-up.

When GDPR came into effect, most common browsers now require that redirecting takes place via a secure connection, a so-called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). If the connection doesn’t have an SSL, the visitor can be channeled to a warning page.

With this service, Ports ensure that all your redirected domain names are automatically assigned an SSL certificate and that you thereby avoid visitors to your website receiving warning messages.

Would you like to know more about our https redirects?

Would you like to implement https-redirects on your domains? Contact us for help!

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