S/MIME is the forgotten certificate of email security and is considered a standard for encrypting email. We at Ports are one of the few operators who can provide this certificate. Contact us and we will tell you more!

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S/MIME strengthens email security

With data security and integrity on the rise, an S/MIME certificate may be of interest. By implementing the certificate, you will be able to prove your identity to your users. This is done through a digital signature and email encryption.

  • The email’s contents are protected
  • The receiver can confirm it is the correct sender
  • It ensures that nothing in the email has been changed in transit
Image of a locker representing S/MIME

What does the certificate mean?

S/MIME is the certificate that gives outgoing emails a digital signature. This protects the email’s contents and assures the recipient that the email is actually from the person who claims to have sent it. S/MIME also ensures that nothing in the email has been changed in transit. Unfortunately, today not many people use S/MIME, but we hope to change this by raising awareness!

Do you want to know more about S/MIME?

Do you need help reviewing your email’s protection and get a certificate that gives your outgoing email a digital signature? Contact us and we will help you!

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