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Domain Watch

Confusingly similar or identical domain names are constantly set up by fraudsters for email fraud, intrusion attempts or reputation parasitism. But there is a way to avoid this - with a Domain Watch!

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Domain Watch

Domain- and Trademark Watch are two services that lay the basic foundation for a strong trademark protection. Domain Watch safeguards your digital brand, but also protects the interests of customers and other stakeholders. The technology behind the service helps you globally monitor:

  • Misspellings
  • Similar wordings
  • Identical names
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What is Domain Watch?

A domain name is a company’s digital brand and an important component for building a brand identity.

It is common for fraudsters to use confusingly similar or identical domain names for email scams, intrusion attempts or reputation parasitism, which can cause major financial harm or damage to your brand’s digital presence. Scams such as mirroring your website, using a similar, intentionally misspelled domain name or a different top-level domain make it difficult for a customer to see the difference between a legitimate and non-legitimate website.

How does Domain Watch work?

Today, it is possible to register domain names in more than 1,600 different top-level domains. Consequently, for most trademark owners, it is not economically feasible to register every conceivable variation of the name, leaving it open to fraudsters to do so instead.

Domain name monitoring is the most cost-effective means of securing your brand’s presence online as well as avoiding unnecessarily large domain name portfolios. With Domain Watch you get global monitoring of confusing similar or identical domain names, which potentially infringe on your trademark. You can also use the service as a competition monitoring service.

Have you already experienced an intuition or that our specialists detects an intrusion, then there are various legal measures to take action. Some examples of measures in the event of infringement is Snapback, Takedown of a website, to send a warning letter, or simply acquire the domain. But don't worry, our experts will help you with recommendations that suits your situation best.



Together with our specialists, you identify the key terms to be monitored for your trademark. Our specialist reviews your business and provides advice and tips on how to achieve the strongest possible trademark protection.



Your monitoring is regularly reviewed by a dedicated customer team, with knowledge of your business operations and commitment to your trademarks. With the help of your customer platform Ports Management, the team reports relevant hits in an easy-to-understand way.


Action plan

Together with your team of experts at Ports, you decide on what action to take for each infringement. There are often several different options for moving forward – our attorneys and digital strategists are happy to help you evaluate the most appropriate measures in your particular situation.

In addition to our basic monitoring

In addition to our basic monitoring, we also offer help to monitor how your brand is traded in marketplaces, how it is used in social media and how your brand is exposed and mentioned in various apps:

Want to know how we can help your business?

Do you need help monitor or manage your domain? Or have any other question about the service? Contact us and we will help you!

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