Trademark Management

We are experts in global, proactive brand strategies and the comprehensive protection of your brands. We ensure your exclusive rights and monitor and safeguard your company value. We help you with everything related to your brand, from legal advice to actively protecting it from infringement. Contact us and we will tell you more!

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Strategic trademark Management

Our legal team ensures that you are always working in line with your brand strategy and always protected from infringement. Together we will increase the value of your company!

  • Strategic consultation from our lawyers as well as our domain and IT experts
  • Efficient trademark management included in your customer platform Ports Management
  • Complete overview of holdings
  • Identification of potential business risks
Strategy of trademark management


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Take care of the brand

Because your brand is one of the most central parts of your business it demands careful management. Proactive, secure, and strategic management of your brands safeguards you in the digital world – everything to strengthen and protect against infringement.

Legal advice

We help you legally secure your trademark and monitor this protection on an ongoing basis so that no other operator takes advantage of your brand or brand reputation.

Monitor the brand

We offer solutions for monitoring how your brand is being used and who is using it. This enables you to proactively combat infringements before they can damage the most valuable thing you have – your brand's identity and reputation!

In-house expertisMonitoring trademark Management

All expertise in-house

Our experts are up-to-date in intellectual property law and are always within easy reach of our colleagues in IT and Domain.

Active survelliance

Active surveillance for trademark Management

When you group your trademarks with us you ensure secure management with a guaranteed renewal of your trademarks. At the same time, we offer active monitoring of your brand so we can notify you in case of infringement.

Ports Management

Ports Management

Our platform gives you a clear overview of your holdings, high-level security, and automated management of all top-level domains in the world.

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