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Register a trademark – from application to completed registration

A trademark registration is essential if you want to succeed with successful brand building. However, for proper protection, it is important that the registration is correct. At Ports Group, your company can get help with registering a trademark – from preliminary investigation and application, all the way to the finish line. Simple, smooth, and cost-effective.

Register a trademark


5 reasons to register a trademark

A trademark registration is recommended for all companies in all industries – and the sooner you do it, the better. By registering your trademark, you get:

  • Legal exclusive rights to the trademark
  • Protection against accidentally infringing another party’s registered trademark
  • Gain the ability to demand legal action in case of infringement, such as unlawful use or piracy
  • Increased status and value for your brand and greater ease protecting your company's good name and reputation
  • A competitive advantage. A registered trademark protects what is unique for your company and builds customer confidence
5 grunde til at registrere et varemærke

Protect your brand

Trademark registration basically involves protecting your own trademark from being copied or otherwise exploited by unauthorized parties. The process of registering a trademark can be both complicated and time-consuming, while it is vital that it is correct regarding, for example, trademark classes.

As experts in the majority of things related to brands – and with expertise in trademarks, domains, and web security – we at Ports Group can help your company with fast, smooth, and thorough trademark registration. Below we will tell you more about the importance of a registration, what is required for a trademark registration to be approved, and how we at Ports Group can be of service.

What does it mean when a trademark is registered?

In short, it can be said that a registered trademark is a protected trademark, from a purely legal point of view. The protection means that only the owner of the trademark is allowed to use it. Depending on where you register the trademark – for example within Sweden or throughout the EU – and within which trademark classes, the legal protection will have a different scope. In connection with the application for registration, the trademark is also entered into the Swedish Trademark Database.

In practical terms, a trademark registration means that you can demand legal action for trademark infringement if someone tries to use your company's trademark, or a similar one, without your permission.


What is required to register a trademark?

For a trademark registration to be approved some basic conditions must be met. 

The following requirements need to be met both in Sweden and abroad:

  • The trademark must have a distinctive character
  • There can be no risk of confusion
  • Application documents must be correctly completed and submitted

In addition to the above, there are also requirements regarding laws, regulations, good practice, copyright, public symbols, and names. 

Easier trademark registration with Ports Group – this is how we can assist you

It is vital that the registration is completed correctly for your trademark to receive proper legal protection. The process includes a lot of preparatory work and requires in-depth knowledge of intellectual property law. If that competence is lacking in-house, you should get help from an external expert.

At Ports Group, you can get support throughout the whole trademark registration process. From starting signal to finishing line. We have all trademark law expertise in-house – and can help with everything from preliminary investigation and application, to implementing protection services through trademark monitoring.

Within Sweden, the EU, or internationally – we register your trademark wherever you want

Trademark registration should be completed in all markets where you have any kind of activity – be it production, marketing, and/or sales. For some companies, registration within Sweden is sufficient, while others need to register throughout the EU or even internationally.

No matter where in the world you need to register your trademark, we at Ports Group can be of service. We have extensive experience of registering trademarks, both inside and outside Sweden, and can help your company with a thorough, cost-effective, and smooth process. From start to finish.

Do you want to find out more about how registering a trademark with our help works? You are most welcome to contact us today.

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All expertise in-house

Our experts are skilled in intellectual property law and are always within easy reach of our colleagues in the IT and domain departments.

Active survelliance

Active surveillance

When you group your trademarks with us you ensure secure management with a guaranteed renewal of your trademarks. At the same time, we offer active monitoring of your brand so we can notify you in case of infringement.

Ports Management

Ports Management

In our platform, you get a clear overview of your assets, a high level of security, and automated management of all top-level domains in the world.


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FAQ about registering a trademark

How much does it cost to register a trademark?

It depends on where you are going to register it. In Sweden, a trademark registration costs from SEK 2000. Within the EU, it costs from EUR 850. Internationally, it varies depending on the country or countries.

Can I change a trademark registration?

Yes, you can make changes in an application, but you can also change a registered trademark. However, in an already registered trademark, it is only possible to make small alterations that do not affect the overall impression of the mark.

What is required to register a trademark?

In order to be able to register a trademark, it is required, among other things, that the trademark has sufficient distinctive characteristics, that there is no risk of confusion, and that it does not violate copyright or other laws.

Do you want to know more about how we can protect your trademark?

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