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How do you apply to register a trademark? How do I know if my trademark application is correct? Our experts have extensive experience of correctly registering trademarks.

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When you apply to register a trademark with us, our legal team ensures that the application is correct and is in line with your business strategy. In addition, you are protected from potential infringement and threats. Our experts will help you:

  • Plan a strategic trademark registration
  • Identify potential business risks
  • Make sure you have the necessary rights to conduct business in the right markets
  • Easily manage your brands together with the Ports Management customer platform
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All expertise in-house

Our experts have a solid grounding in intellectual property law and are always within easy reach of our colleagues in IT and Domain.

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Active surveillance

When you group your brands with us you ensure secure management with guaranteed renewal of your trademarks. At the same time, you have the opportunity to have your brand monitored and to be notified in case of infringement.

Ports Management

Ports Management

In our platform, you get a clear overview of your assets, a high level of security, and automated management of all top-level domains in the world.

From dream to reality

With a registered trademark, you don’t only create opportunities, but you also assert your right to exclusively use it in all commercial communication. Having said that, it is extremely important to fill in applications correctly to avoid the risk of leaving out a vital part.

A company survives on brand reputation and goodwill. Massive investments and marketing efforts are spent annually on increasing brand awareness. Despite this, our experience at Ports Group is that the correct knowledge of how a brand should be protected and strengthened is often low among entrepreneurs.

The importance of retaining exclusive rights

A strong brand is not created overnight. A fundamental prerequisite for a strong brand is having exclusive rights to the trademark. Without exclusive rights, competitors and other operators are more or less free to use exactly the same trademark, which risks creating confusion on the market. Because the world we live in is digitalized, an individual, a decision maker, is constantly exposed to different impressions and brands. That’s why a brand needs to be unique, strong, and have a good backstory.

A registration is usually valid for 10 years

This provides a relatively inexpensive insurance policy for one of the company's most important assets. The important thing is to think broadly. Anything that characterizes your business, your product/service, or the company's story – and for which you want exclusive rights – should be protected. In addition, a policy and strategy involving the company's brands should be developed to increase brand identity internally and externally. Our experts can, of course, assist with this. In order for the brand to have a long shelf life, at Ports we always include a classification of your brand together with a member of our legal team.

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