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How to secure your business in the Data, IT, and Telecom industry

We understand that companies in the Data, IT, and Telecom industry want to take good care of their customers and suppliers. It is also equally important for your business to protect your products as it is to protect your brand. But what is the best way to achieve this?

Our experts have gathered their best tips, tailored to your industry. From what threats you are at risk of to how others in your industry have acted, and which solutions you can proactively take advantage of.

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The usual areas we assist with in the Data, IT, and Telecom industry

We know that competition is fierce in your sector, but we also know that there are active measures you can take to strengthen your brand and protect your reputation. Whether you are active in the Data, IT, or Telecom industry, you can strengthen your business. The usual areas we secure:

  • That another party isn’t exploiting your brand
  • That other frauds and infringements are not harming your brand
  • Outgoing and incoming email
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Data protection

Challenges we see in your industry

Do you want to minimize the risk of being attacked by fraudsters? Have your suppliers received false invoices from you? There are a great deal of hurdles and you are far from being the only one to encounter them. Below we have links to the most common threats your industry faces. We have the solutions and are happy to help you!

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Smart and smooth DNS management in our customer platform, Ports management. We also offer DNSSEC, Anycast DNS, and Https redirect.

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There are a lot of different uses for digital certificates. We can help you with everything from implementation to management.

Customer cases

Examples of how we help others in the Data, IT, and Telecom industry

Storm Commerce

Storm Commerce

Computer, IT and telecom
25 November, 2021
Handling strategic and legal issues during the rebranding

Which certificates should you choose to strengthen and secure your brand?

Do you want stronger brand security by having the correct technical certification for your website and brand? Check out our webinars where we cover everything you need to keep in mind.

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