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Trademark protection in Sweden – how it works

With Swedish trademark protection, you secure the intellectual property rights to your trademark on the Swedish market. It also protects you from unknowingly infringing on another party’s trademark. Below you can read more about how trademark protection in Sweden works and why it is important to have.

What does trademark protection involve?

Trademark protection is about ensuring the exclusive right of use of things that characterize the particular products or services your company markets. That is, your trademark, which can be anything from a logo or a special sound, to a font, a figure, or a particular design. Put simply, a trademark can be likened to the public face of a company – something you want to inspire trust, arouse interest, and symbolises the values your company stands for.

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3 reasons to protect your trademark

Secures exclusivity

It is illegal for others to use a registered trademark. As the owner of a protected trademark, you have the law on your side in case a dispute arises.

Prevents infringement

Trademark protection in Sweden is only granted if there is not already an identical or similar trademark registered with PRV. So a registration not only prevents others from illegally using your mark – it also protects you from accidentally infringing on another party’s.

Increases value

Companies with a registered, protected trademark are often valued more highly by investors. Commercially, trademark protection is a smart move strategically.

Two paths to Swedish trademark protection

The easiest and quickest way to protect your trademark in Sweden is to apply for trademark registration with the Swedish Intellectual Property Office (PRV). However, in order for you to get proper protection, it is important that you are thorough with the preparatory work and that you enter the correct information and trademark classes

If you want help with your registration, we at Ports Group are happy to help. With in-depth expertise in trademark protection – in all aspects – we ensure that your application is correct for your specific purposes. Via your customer portal Ports Management, you can also manage your trademark once it has been registered. There you will find, among other things, functions for trademark monitoringdomain registration, and management of certificates.

Trademark protection can also be obtained without the need to apply for registration. This, however, requires that the brand has been well established for a long period of time – usually several years. Since registration with PRV is a safer and significantly faster way to get trademark protection in Sweden, this option is preferable.

Criteria for protection by trademark registration

Trademark protection aims to protect the unique characteristics that differentiate a good or service from similar ones on the market. This means that for a trademark registration to be granted, the following criteria must be met:

  • There must be a clear distinction between your products or services and similar ones on the market.
  • It can’t be possible to confuse your trademark with others on the market.

If your application for registration is rejected, it is usually because one of the above requirements is not met. It’s also important to keep in mind that your trademark isn’t allowed to be too descriptive for the product or service it is intended to represent. This is so that no company gets exclusive rights to words that are necessary to describe part of a product or service – for example, "coffee" or "IT services".

FAQ about trademark protection in Sweden

What types of trademarks can be protected in Sweden?

Trademarks that can be protected in Sweden are, for example, word marks, logos, numbers, melodies, slogans, sounds and images in combination, as well as designs and implementation.

How much does it cost to protect a trademark in Sweden?

It depends on how many trademark classes you want to protect your trademark in. Generally, the cost is somehwere between SEK 2,000 and SEK 6,000.

How long is trademark protection valid in Sweden?

Swedish trademark protection is valid for ten years. You can apply for an extension for an unlimited number of times – for ten years at a time.

Want to know more about trademark protection in Sweden?

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