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Two top recruitments representing Ports Group in Stockholm and Gothenburg

Ports Group continues its rapid expansion phase. Lately we have expanded our organisation with attorneys, paralegals, customer care personnel, domain name coordinators, salespeople and sales coordinators. As we are posting this, we currently have three vacancies to fill, read more here.

However, all departments and regions need a leader to point the way and get the others to follow.

At Ports Group, we are proud to that no less than two such people have chosen to join our team just this last quarter, despite harsh competition on the employer market. We see the fact that we are able to attract people with this level of experience and drive as a sign of people believing our vision of being the best employer as well as the evident market leader in the Nordic region when it comes to protecting brands – legally, digitally and globally.

Meet our new VP Sales and our new Regional Manager

Jonas Stendahl – VP Sales

Jonas is our VP Sales and based at the HQ in Gothenburg. With a background as Key Account Manager, Head of Sales and subsequently CEO of Wallstreet Media, Jonas lives for sales and leadership. Jonas will have the overall responsibility for the sales organisation, which nowadays is spread out over our three offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö.

Jonas Stendahl
”I’m really excited to be able to join the team at Ports. I want to contribute with my enthusiasm, knowledge about sales processes and driving sales teams towards common goals, at the same time as allowing people to grow. Why I chose to join Ports is the exciting journey that lies ahead and that our offer is very current.”

Get in touch with Jonas

Viktor Johansson – Regional Sales Manager Stockholm

Viktor joins Ports Group with an almost unparalleled experience from our line of business. With a background as trademark attorney, Viktor has during the last few years migrated more towards sales and business development. Viktor is passionated about digital security issues in general, and domain name related security issues in particular.

Viktor Johansson
“Ports Group is currently in a very interesting expansion phase. I’m looking forward to being a part of this journey and to develop Ports Group’s business.”

Get in touch with Viktor

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