How e-commerce platforms today facilitate the spread of counterfeit goods

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Today Amazon is launched in Sweden, and this opens up a great opportunity for Swedish brands to be seen in one of the world’s largest marketplaces. But along with opportunity you will also face challenges in keeping track of your brand.

Amazon lanserades i sverige

In connection with the exposure of your brand online, the challenges also come. Marketplaces make it easier to spread counterfeit goods. Below we have summarized insights we gained;


What can you do to prevent these problems?

It is important to understand the challenges of marketplaces even if you choose not to distribute your goods and brand there. There is a risk that others will abuse your brand and make it illegal. Therefore, you need to monitor these marketplaces through various monitoring services. We provide Monitor Services for this cause. We work to protect your brand in all its parts – legally, digitally and technically. We are specialists in brand security and our lawyers, IT technicians and consultants work closely in teams to help our clients counteract infringement on a daily basis.

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How to protect your brand

Digital infringement, brand piracy and social media fraud. New business threats have emerged, and they are becoming increasingly complex to navigate. To protect your brand in the digital age, you need a clear and unified brand strategy.



Våra råd till e-handlare i osäker tid

Advice from our experts – for online retailers

The threats are many and it can be difficult to know at which end to start. Let our experts guide you and give you advice on the right conditions to create a safe and profitable e-commerce.