Trademark is the new black

Exclusive rights to the colour black? In 2014, the world’s blackest colour was presented, named “Vantablack”. The colour got a lot of attention during 2016 when it was announced that the British artist Anish Kapoor had gotten exclusive rights to use the colour in works of art. This was controversial in the art world since […]

Tuesday 18 April 2017 changes hands

Back in February we posted an article about Apple’s acquisition of In that article we made a parallel to, which at the time had been owned by a graphic designer since 1997. On the 8th of March this year the ownership changed hands, the new owner is Amazon’s European subsidiary Amazon Europe Core […]

Monday 10 April 2017

New Case: City of Stockholm

This year, City of Stockholm will be launching their very own TLD (top-level domain) – .STOCKHOLM. As the strategic domain name partner to City of Stockholm, we handled the application process on their behalf. Read the full story here.

Friday 07 April 2017

New Case: Storm Commerce

Today we have launched a new case about how we have been the partner for strategic and legal issues during the rebranding from Enferno to Storm Commerce — the leading supplier of scalable e-commerce platforms. Read all about it here.

Thursday 30 March 2017

We are now hiring a Sales Coordinator!

The expansion of Ports Group carries on. For our HQ in Gothenburg we are now hiring a Sales Coordinator! Let me tell you more (unfortunately in Swedish, but you non-Swedish speaking visitors can at least catch a glimpse of our office and surroundings)! To apply for the role, go here.

Wednesday 01 March 2017

Apple wraps it up by acquiring

iCloud is the primary cloud service of Apple and a vital part of Apple’s “eco system”. iCloud was launched in October of 2011 and the number of users are today estimated at 800 million. However, it was not until April the same year that Apple acquired the domain name The domain name was bought […]

Wednesday 22 February 2017

Presenting Erik Portocarrero – Regional Manager for Southern Sweden

Hello there! My name is Erik Portocarrero and I’m Ports Group’s Regional Manager for Southern Sweden. For a week now, we have had a permanent presence in Malmö. Our new office is located in the World Trade Center at Jungmansgatan 12. If you are based in Southern Sweden and want to know more about protecting […]

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Victory for the film and television industry – Internet supplier Bredbandsbolaget forced to block The Pirate Bay and Swefilmer

On the 13th of February, a unique judgement was released which prohibits Bredbandsbolaget to “contribute to making available” copyrighted works. Bredbandsbolaget was thereby imposed to, via technical blocking actions, prevent its subscribers’ access to the streaming websites The Pirate Bay and Swefilmer. According to the Swedish Patent- and Market Court of Appeal (PMÖD), the judgement […]

Friday 17 February 2017

The million-dollar domain name

Would you spend over a million dollars on changing your domain name? At first glance, it does not sound like a smart business decision, right? At Ports Group, we have been handling domain name acquisitions on behalf of our clients for over two decades now. That is why it is great to read the candid […]

Thursday 09 February 2017

2017 – The year of expansion

At Christmas last year, our CEO Annelie Liljeqvist summarized 2016 by thanking all of our clients and partners for their involvement during a year of change. The most evident change, internally as well as externally, has of course been our merger where we became one company – and one brand – Ports Group. Now, when […]

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Christmas Greeting – A word from our CEO

Now that we are approaching the end of 2016, we at Ports Group would like to take the opportunity to thank our clients and partners, as well as summarize one of our most exciting years to date. During 2016 we have initiated and finalized a merger of our companies Dipcon, Ports IT, Qpol, Domaininfo and […]

Tuesday 20 December 2016


Using new generic top level domains (referred to hence forth as “new gTLDs”) is a relatively new way of communicating online, for long term as well as short term projects. In short, this is a development that is currently changing the way we view top level domains as a whole. There are many examples of […]

Thursday 08 December 2016

The trademark attorney provides tips on how to avoid intellectual property pitfalls

Yesterday, the Swedish Patent and Registration Office, aka. PRV, wrote a blog post regarding the difference between a company name and a registered trademark. This is a question we at Ports Group have received during many years and we feel that this post summarizes the difference between these two attributes in a good way. Read […]

Wednesday 30 November 2016