App Watch

Are you the owner of your brand in the app stores?

The number of smartphones grows every day, and with that the number of available apps. Currently there are approximately 5 million apps for download, to an estimated 2.6 billion smart phones in use.

When new markets appear, almost as a nature rule, new ways of infringing and misusing a brand starts to appear. Especially in this case when the majority of all apps are free to download.

Given that an application, when installed, often gets access to sensitive information such as contacts, images, location etc. there are loads of data that can be misused by fraudsters. This can be extremely detrimental to the reputation of the legitimate brand.

The Ports Group App Watch starts with an initial audit that result in an extensive report on the apps that may be in conflict with your trademark and/or contain unauthorized references to your brand.

Having an App Watch at Ports Group means that we will contact you as soon as your brand is being used by someone else. The watch service includes continuous reporting of existing apps that may be infringing on your trademark, either in the title or the description of a new app.

The watch service currently covers the following platforms:

  • iTunes App Store
  • GooglePlay
  • Amazon App Store
  • Windows App Store

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