Consultancy Services

Unique legal, digital and technical expertise

Our Consultancy Services

A comprehensive brand protection in all channels requires a broad competence within the different aspects of the brand – legally, digitally and technically.

Our customer teams are tailored to the customer’s needs and consist of Client Managers who are responsible for the active management of the customer’s portfolio, Trademark Attorneys, Technical Consultants and Domain name Coordinators. That is why we can ensure optimal brand security and efficient delivery to our customers.

Regardless if your needs are a strategy for the legal aspects of launching a new brand, a review of your e-commerce to ensure that it complies with current laws and regulations, or perhaps setting up a new web server – Ports Group’s consultants and trademark attorneys have got your back.


We offer strategic and legal advice in all aspects of the brand

Intellectual property law is literally a jungle. Consequently, managing brands today is riddled with potential pitfalls. Worst case scenario, a global venture can be interrupted due to a small but important aspect in the brand strategy having been missed. It is never easy to know what you do not know. Therefore, a strategic partner is needed throughout the process, from start to finish, from the legal to the digital and technical.

Intellectual Property Mapping

Ensure the future of your business by mapping your intellectual property assets

A large part of a company’s value today lies in its intellectual property rights, there is a clear link between high profitability and how well a company values its intellectual property rights. Keeping track of your assets is a basic prerequisite for achieving your business goals, as well as providing a basis for valuation and strategic decisions.

Workshop/Policy formulation

Managing intellectual property assets without a policy is like orienteering without a map

Every company needs a policy for their trademarks and domain names. The policy is the basis for all choices and actions related to the registration of trademarks and domains, and hosting services. The policy should be written and communicated to all parts of the organisation, so that it’s supported and followed by all concerned. We carry out initial workshops, develop a strategy and policy for trademarks and domain names, and then take steps to implement your strategy.

Preliminary trademark investigation

Is your planned or existing brand really unique?

A brand is just as strong as the exclusive right to use it within its industry. A preliminary investigation for a potential brand is a basic prerequisite for ensuring that it is possible to register for starts. It is also used for identifying and managing potential other parties using an identical or confusingly similar trademark. Even for brands that are already in use, it is important to conduct a survey to identify any threats or obstacles in the event of a geographical expansion or if you are offering new products and/or services.

Creating legal and digital brand protection

We ensure your brands are protected in all channels – legally, digitally and technically.

With a solid strategy for your IP-assets as a basis, we ensure that your brands are protected. Our dedicated customer teams have the wide knowledge needed to create brand security in all channels. In addition to ensuring that your portfolio is fully in keeping with your strategy, we also have active watch services to be able to immediately handle legal, digital and technical threats to your exclusive rights.


What to do if someone else owns the brand you want to use?

However great one’s brand strategy might be, it is not uncommon that there are some gaps. It might be when you are expanding into a new country, but someone else owns the trademark rights and/or domain names. Or you have an idea of a new design that would mean a big boost for your business, but it is too similar to a previously registered design. Ports Group has over two decades of experience in the acquisition of intellectual property rights. We are with you all the way; from formulating a budget, establishing contact with the owner and negotiating a price. When agreed, we of course handle the transactions, the transfer of rights as well as securing the transfer of legal ownership. Our long experience of acquisitions, as well as the possibility for clients to remain anonymous throughout the process, means that we can often keep the price down.

Dispute resolutions

We have the legal expertise required to represent you in disputes regarding your brands

Due to globalization, it has never been easier to reach a larger audience. At the same time, due to digitization, companies are having to deal with trademark infringements on a daily basis. For example, a domain name that is identical or confusingly similar to a registered trademark can be an easy way to drive traffic and/or carry out attempts to commit fraud. This type of trademark infringement damages both the trademark holder as well as its customers or partners.

At Ports Group, we always first conduct a preliminary investigation to ensure that necessary requisites are met. If so, we proceed with a cease-and-desist letter to the counterpart with our demands. This applies for digital intrusions and domain names, but also for the unlawful use of trademarks in other channels.

In some cases, the following step is a legal dispute. The most common example is a domain name dispute resolution. Each country has its own rules and in many cases there is a uniform dispute resolution procedure for domain names. We have long experience of dispute resolutions in both national and international bodies and have successfully helped numerous companies take control of hijacked domain names. Once the dispute is won, we take care of the transfer of the domain name and ensure the owner transfer.

Contract management

Use Ports Group’s expertise in intellectual property contract management

Agreements are among the most important parts of an intellectual property strategy.

The Ports Group legal team has extensive experience in managing, reviewing and formulating intellectual property rights agreements. For example, regarding licensing, establishment and transfer of intellectual property rights.