Design protection

Get exclusive rights to your design

What is a protected design?

Developing new products require large investments in time and money. These investments can create future revenue. Piracy and other unlawful usage can put a stop to that. Protect your future revenue by applying for a design protection.

Design protection can be applied for all products you produce and want documented exclusivity for. The products can be everything from furniture, toys, packaging, candy, cars and patterns to the design of an app or an icon.

Why should you protect a design?

  • In order to protect the uniqueness of your product’s shape that is a result of time and money. Protect the design and prevent others from copying it.
  • Design protection shows that you have exclusive rights to the design.
  • Design protection can be used in a potential legal dispute to demonstrate the exclusivity of your design.
  • Customs can prevent copies of your design being imported into the country (See related service “Enforcement Database”)

How does it work?

The usual procedure for our Swedish clients is that we apply for design protection within the EU. It only takes one application, to a very low cost at that compared to separate national applications.

Ports Group will of course handle the entire process on your behalf. After the application has been submitted and approved, you get exclusive rights to your design. The design protection can be renewed for 25 years. We will of course handle this for you as well.