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What is DNS?

A domain name normally serves several purposes. The address of website, company e-mail and many more purposes. In order to visit a website or send an e-mail, you need to know the IP-address to the specific web or mail server. Since few people are able to memorize that many IP-addresses, the Domain Name System (DNS) was created.

DNS is responsible for “translating” a website or service to an IP-address. Every domain name therefore has one – or most commonly several – specified DNS-servers that contain the necessary information for transferring the traffic on a domain name to the right server.

Lack of a secure DNS-management can lead to business critical consequenses

DNS is a service that is not top of mind, until it stops working. Because if the DNS-servers stops working, everything on the domain name is affected, including e-mail, website and other potential services connected to the domain name. The reasons why DNS-servers stop working can be lack of security at the supplier of the service, like for example lack of redundancy or vulnerability for attacks. Most commonly however, the reason why DNS-servers are affected, is not having control of one’s DNS-suppliers and lack of responsibility, something that is often discovered far too late.

Ports Group’s DNS-service

At Ports Group, we view the DNS as the most important domain name related hosting service of all. Since when the DNS does not work, nothing works. This has resulted in that we apart from our primary DNS-server, located in our primary datacentre with the highest level of security and redundancy, have also placed an additional three servers in Finland, Holland and Austria. All of which are of course supporting IPv4 as well as IPv6 and are protected againt DDoS-attacks.

When using our DNS-service we are of course including correctly configured redirects to other URL:s.

With our DNS interface, you can administer your DNS-services at any time and get full control of your domain names. You can update zones, schedule changes, make bulk updates and recover zones. Every action is logged so you can know who has performed the action and when.


DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) is an additional service to our DNS-service that protects against falsified DNS-data. Simplified, the service is used to match a domain name against a specific server in order to ensure the DNS-data is correct.

"The Gunnebo Group is a world-leading security company with subsidiaries in 28 countries world-wide. Due to our large geographical spread, we early realised the need for a partner to handle all of the world's top-level domains, but also provide technical services such as DNS and SSL. That is why Ports Group's offer fits our needs perfectly. In addition, they always provide quick and efficient assistance immediately when we need it."

Karin Wallström Nordén

Senior Vice President Marketing & Communications at the Gunnebo Group

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