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The evolution of the domain name

From the beginning, a domain name was a technical solution to the problem of navigating online. Today, a domain name is so much more than that. The digitalisation has led to domain names having a commercial value, both in terms of strengthening a brand online, but also as a an integral part of e-commerce and/or search engine optimization.

A registration is often swift and there are no territorial limitations. A domain name is also not limited to certain goods or services, usually it enables exclusivity to the specific wording. A domain name can be reached from connected devices worldwide, which further increases its value.

Today, there are more than 300 registered domain names and the number grows every day. New generic top-level domains such as .SHOP.CLOUD and .BERLIN, together with large companies’ registrations of own top domains such as .VOLVO, .NIKE and .BMW, make it even harder to navigate in the domain name jungle and, above all, monitor your own domain names.

About Ports Group

Our business began back in 1994, we later became the first ICANN-accredited registrar in Sweden, and one of the first in Europe.

We have global presence and the ability to register all top-level domains

Domain names, together with trademarks, lie at the core of Ports Group’s business. Since the start back in 1994, Ports Group has put great efforts in being able to supply registration and management of domain names in places few others can. We are our own ICANN-accredited registrar since 1999, (ICANN = Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). We can therefore register all top domains in the world without needing to engage another part. This is yet another advantage for our clients who know that the entire administration is placed under one roof.

We supply local proxy contacts where needed

With our local contacts in more than 40 countries, you can register domains in many countries that demand local presence, even if you don’t have that yourselves – as well as protect your trademark and introduce you on markets where it otherwise would have been impossible to register your domain. We also work continuously to enhance and simplify the possibilities for our clients to achieve global presence.

We have the hosting services that protects your business

Ports Group has everything from “light” hosting services such as DNS and redirects of domain names, to more advanced such as SSL, Email Compromise Protection and tailored server solutions. Read more about our hosting services under related services.

We take responsibility for managing and monitoring your global domain name portfolio

In Corporate Domain Management, we act proactively by consolidating and registering all top-level domain names in the world, which we then manage with full legal responsibility. Read more about our management service under related services.

"The Gunnebo Group is a world-leading security company with subsidiaries in 28 countries world-wide. Due to our large geographical spread, we early realised the need for a partner to handle all of the world's top-level domains, but also provide technical services such as DNS and SSL. That is why Ports Group's offer fits our needs perfectly. In addition, they always provide quick and efficient assistance immediately when we need it."

Karin Wallström Nordén

Senior Vice President Marketing & Communications at the Gunnebo Group

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