E-commerce Website Compliance

Avoid high costs and bad-will – Create a safe E-commerce website for your customers

E-commerce, the business that keeps growing

In a continuously growing digital world, E-commerce is becoming more and more common. Postnord recently published a report about E-commerce during 2016 where 12 European countries were reviewed. In total 253 million consumers in these countries bought something online during 2016. According to the same report, just during Christmas 89% of the Swedish population bought their Christmas gifts online.

The consequences of not playing by the rules

As an increasing number of consumers and companies enter into agreements online, the legal aspects of E-commerce becomes even more important, even business critical. The laws and regulations that govern E-commerce are largely based on a strong consumer protection. This means that there are consequences when they are not followed. This may entail everything from “light” damages such as badwill and/or a drop in sales, to purely business critical consequences such as being forced to cease trading, oftentimes combined with high fines.

Be E-legal – not illegal

Having a strategy from the get-go regarding the structure and management of one’s E-commerce has as a result of this become hugely important. Simply put, it’s about making sure one’s E-commerce platform meets a wide range of regulations and laws. The main purpose of which is to avoid the negative consequences that neglecting these matters might lead to.

Ports Group’s service for E-commerce Website Compliance

The Ports Group legal team offers an examination of your E-commerce platform. It entails making sure your E-commerce platform is trustworthy and – most importantly – lawful.

The examination of your E-commerce platform includes reviewing the “open” parts of the site, the ones visible for your customers. We will also do an oversight of your general terms and potential other documents on the site. Based on our examination we will provide you with a report with our findings, as well as clear instructions on potential actions you need to take. The report also includes recommendations on how to increase trustworthiness as well as the overall experience of the site.