Enforcement Database

Stop the import of counterfeit goods

Counterfeit goods are found in every product category. Everything from clothes and bags to pharmaceuticals, electronic devices, toys, mobile phones, make-up and even food-packages. The more attractive the product – or the stronger the brand – the greater the profit in counterfeiting.

The trading of counterfeit goods has increased greatly during the 21st century, a contributing factor is e-commerce. Oftentimes the counterfeit goods are derived from China, but are manufactured in many other countries.

The importance of protecting ones company from counterfeiting

It is especially important to protect ones product in order to keep the commercial value, as well as maintain and not ruin the goodwill that has been built up around your company and its products.

How does it work?

The most crucial step in keeping counterfeited goods from reaching the Swedish market is to stop them from entering the country. This is done through Swedish Customs.

The only thing you have to do is get in touch with us, we will set up everything with the Swedish Customs and report back to you when counterfeited goods are detected in Customs.

If the Swedish Customs finds products that are potential counterfeits, we will get in touch with you and discuss your legal options. A usual way of dealing with counterfeit goods is an agreement between the owner of the registered trademark and/or design, and the importer, to destroy the products.

Enforcement Database is a yearly service that we renew on your behalf, so you do not have to worry.