Complete infrastructure for your digital assets

About our hosting services

Private datacentre for secure hosting solutions

A cornerstone in the protection of your digital assets is security and order in the infrastructure of your domains, mail servers etc. Unlike many branch colleagues, we have our own IT environment, which means that we offer maximum security for both our own operations and for our clients. Our primary server environment is located at our head office outside Gothenburg, with full redundancy and mirroring at a different location. With our technical solutions you obtain an extremely safe hosting environment and vast experience of running and delivering everything from basic hosting services to large customised server solutions.

Basic to advanced hosting solutions

As one of Sweden’s leading hosting suppliers, we offer a broad range of services for small and large companies, authorities and organisations. From DNS, web hosting, basic transferring of websites, SSL-certification and email solutions, to large customised server solutions in our own environment – all with state-of-the-art security.

In-house IT expertise

We have IT experts who can solve more advanced problems and requirements. We have daily backup, 24/7 watch and are well protected against infringements. We are well equipped for natural disasters, and should the worst happen, we have an identical environment on another location that takes over all operations. We never trust a single supplier when it comes to security for our clients’ operations. We have even placed our name servers in four different countries on three different continents for maximum redundancy for all our services.


What is DNS?

A domain name normally serves several purposes. The address of website, company e-mail and many more purposes. In order to visit a website or send an e-mail, you need to know the IP-address to the specific web or mail server. Since few people are able to memorize that many IP-addresses, the Domain Name System (DNS) was created.

DNS is responsible for “translating” a website or service to an IP-address. Every domain name therefore has one – or most commonly several – specified DNS-servers that contain the necessary information for transferring the traffic on a domain name to the right server.

Lack of a secure DNS-management can lead to business critical consequenses

DNS is a service that is not top of mind, until it stops working. Because if the DNS-servers stops working, everything on the domain name is affected, including e-mail, website and other potential services connected to the domain name. The reasons why DNS-servers stop working can be lack of security at the supplier of the service, like for example lack of redundancy or vulnerability for attacks. Most commonly however, the reason why DNS-servers are affected, is not having control of one’s DNS-suppliers and lack of responsibility, something that is often discovered far too late.

Ports Group’s DNS-service

At Ports Group, we view the DNS as the most important domain name related hosting service of all. Since when the DNS does not work, nothing works. This has resulted in that we apart from our primary DNS-server, located in our primary datacentre with the highest level of security and redundancy, have also placed an additional three servers in Finland, Holland and Austria. All of which are of course supporting IPv4 as well as IPv6 and are protected againt DDoS-attacks.

When using our DNS-service we are of course including correctly configured redirects to other URL:s.

With our DNS interface, you can administer your DNS-services at any time and get full control of your domain names. You can update zones, schedule changes, make bulk updates and recover zones. Every action is logged so you can know who has performed the action and when.


DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) is an additional service to our DNS-service that protects against falsified DNS-data. Simplified, the service is used to match a domain name against a specific server in order to ensure the DNS-data is correct.

Server solutions

Our server environment is completely redundant and meets the highest security standards, meaning that if a hardware problem occurs in a server in our primary environment, another machine can take the load. This means that you never have to experience any disruption. If our entire primary environment for some reason should stop working, all traffic will be rerouted to our secondary environment in another location.

Intrusion prevention

We protect our servers with intrusion systems that stops potential attacks even before they reach server level. Examples of attacks we are protected against are DDoS, SQL-Injections, Bruteforce-attacks and overload attacks.

Tailored Backup Solutions

We always recommend backing up business critical data. Should an update, recoding and so on fail, you can reset all data from your backup within minutes. We offer backup on user level, server level, file level, for databases and Exchange.

All server solutions are tailored for our specific needs, contact us for quotation.

Virtual Server

Virtual server means that we create a tailored server solution for you in our environment. This enables the possibility to expand memory, space and processor power just by sending us an email. No long delivery times, no hassle. When you share a web server, the server used by our web hotels, you can be hundreds of customers who share performance for your websites. With a VPS, you as a user get more space and higher security as the risk of intrusion decreases with the number of entries. With a VPS, you can also manage your hosting. You can configure your VPS, reset backup, install plugins and schedule jobs. If you choose to run Linux on your VPS, we also have a scripts to help you, for example, add and remove web pages, and you can easily find the FTP and MySQL information for each site.


Co-location means having a physical server that you place in our environment and benefit from our disaster proof environment and high level of security.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server basically means renting a server from us. You do not have to invest in new hardware, cooling systems and so on, just pay a monthly fee for using our hardware and operation costs.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is a complete mobile office solution. You can read and reply to e-mail using your mobile phone, synced directly with your Outlook inbox. You get full access to all e-mail folders, contacts and distribution lists.

The advantages of Hosted Exchange

With Hosted Exchange there’s no need to carry a computer around with you in order to check your e-mail – everything you need is available on your mobile phone. You also get access to a webmail service with the same functionality as Outlook. All you need to set up an account is your e-mail address and password. There’s no hassle with different settings!

Secure communication

If you lose your mobile phone you can go in at server level and delete all the information held on the phone, giving greater security for your business communications. Our Exchange server includes redundancy, so your communication is always well protected. We also take a daily backup so you can resync your entire account if necessary.

Recover Deleted Items allows you to go back 30 days and recreate deleted message in your webmail or in Outlook. Your e-mails are also encrypted via our Exchange server for maximum security.

Hosted Exchange includes:

  • PushMail forwards e-mail to your mobile phone
  • ActiveSync ensures that the information on the e-mail client and your mobile phone is synchronised
  • Access to shared folders, calendars and distribution lists
  • The option of deleting information at server level
  • Access to webmail with the same functionality as Outlook.
  • Daily backup

Our IT environment

Our philosophy

An IT-environment is never stronger than its weakest link. Therefore, it is critical to create redundancy all along the chain. From power supply, through components to internet access. For 20 years, Ports Group has been working proactively to increase the security and availability in our services by virtualization, replication and redundant hardware.

Our suppliers

We only use the best available products on the market. IBM for servers and storage, Palo Alto for intrusion protection and firewalls, VMWare for virtualisation and Veeam for replication. Every choice of equipment is preceded by thorough discussions with our suppliers concerning our needs and how the implementation of the equipment can be carried out without any downtime and with a maximum of availability and stability.

Our network infrastructure

The network infrastructure is completely redundant and every single system is in different switches with at least two network cards which enables a high tolerance for error in both core and edge switches. We have duplicated Internet accesses from our supplier, a primary and a secondary. We transport replicas, backups and other important data to our secondary datacenter through a black fibre link. Every network service has the highest SLA (Service Level Agreement).

The firewalls form Palo Alto, one at each data center, works in an active-passive HA-cluster. This enables the highest possible availability and reliability. We also have an IPS from Palo at each datacenter. These perform a thorough check on each packet that passes in and out of environments.

In order to protect our data centers from attacks, we have DDoS-protection at our Internet Service Provider. This enables a very high level of DDoS-protection and the ability to handle a very high level of traffic.