Monitoring services

Why monitor your brand?

Why register a trademark legally and digitally if you do not keep track of where and how your trademark is used by others?

It’s a common misconception that registration of a trademark or domain name provides fail-safe protection – but unfortunately that is not true. As the holder of rights to a trademark, it is ultimately your responsibility to prevent infringement by defending your registered rights.

For most trademark owners, it is next to impossible to constantly and manually monitor their entire market to detect infringements. For this reason, Ports Group has developed monitoring services that keep track of where and how your trademark is used. We tailor the monitoring to your requirements and continuously scan the entire digital landscape, from new applications to apps and websites – any trademark infringement is then reviewed by our lawyers. This way, you can rest assured that all customer and supplier interactions with your brand are controlled by you.


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Whats the risk without trademark monitoring

Risks of not monitoring your brand

Most companies have been exposed to some form of trademark infringement. Today’s digital landscape provides vast opportunities to market your brand to millions of people, but each new point of contact also involves risks. New threats and schemes for unlawfully taking advantage of brands have drastically increased in recent years. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify trademark infringement, which has led to an amplified need to systematically monitor relevant platforms. If you overlook having proper brand monitoring, you not only risk losing revenue, you also risk damaging both your brand and business reputation and eventually losing customer loyalty. Examples of brand fraud:

  • Mirrored websites
  • Email scams
  • Fake ads
  • Pirated products
  • Illicit trade in unauthorized marketplaces

Basic protection

Trademark monitoring

Monitor your legal trademark to more quickly object to trademark applications that in any way are similar to yours, thereby preventing their registration.

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Domain watch

Monitor your digital brand to detect confusingly similar or identical domain names, which potentially infringe on your trademark or may be used for email fraud, attempted intrusions or reputation parasitism.

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Monitoring apps for brand saftey

For brands that have an app or in any way are connected to apps. Protects from sensitive user data to be misused by fraudsters.

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Extended monitoring for


monitor Marketplaces for brand saftey

For brands selling products online. By regularly scanning over 1000 marketplaces, like Alibaba and eBay we can monitor unauthorized retailers or advertisements, so you can take action before customers are put at risk.

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Monitor Social Media for brand saftey
Social Media

For brands active in social media. The service scans various social channels, including Facebook and Instagram, and identifies accounts with identical or similar names as your registered trademark.

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Benefits of our monitoring services



time efficient brand security

Time efficient
No need to manually scan all platforms where infringement of your brand may occur.


Proactive monitoring services

You detect trademark infringement before it is noticed by your customers or other stakeholders.





Safer brand with monitoring services

By automating your monitoring you avoid failing to identify trademark infringement due to human error.


Cost effective

Cost effective
With proper monitoring you only need to register the most essential domains, social media accounts, etc.. Instead you actively take measures when infringement occurs.


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