New top-level domain names

Strategy formulation and registration of all new top-level domain names

What are new top-level domain names?

Previously, there had been some 300 different top domains or TLDs (Top Level Domains), such as .com, .se, .no, .de. Now ICANN has opened up for own top domains, so called NGTLD (New Generic Top Level Domain) such as .SHOP, .BLOG and more, and even for company-specific top domains such as .VOLVO and .BMW. This opens up for more specific top domains, for instance if the .COM-address is occupied you can instead register “” for an international market. But it also brings new threats to monitor since others can register your company name with some new top domain.

We help you establish a policy for new top domains; such as which names you should protect and on which top domains, monitoring of those we choose to protect, and how to act on possible infringements. Since we are an accredited registrar for all domains, we can register all new ones.

Trademark Clearinghouse

To make life easier for trademark holders when launching any NGTLD and to help them protect their rights, ICANN has set up Trademark Clearinghouse, a database where trademark holders can gather their registered trademarks. Trademark Clearinghouse will be used before launches of new top domains. The idea is that a trademark holder should only need to register their trademark in one place, to monitor the launch of all new top domains. Therefore, it is important to review your domain name and trademark strategies, which we of course can help you with!

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