Online Brand Protection

The most comprehensive and intelligent brand protection solution

The causes of the emergence of counterfeiting and online brand abuse is a complex digital world with multiple infringers, languages, platforms and business models.

The effects of counterfeiting are everything from loss of sales, brand dilution and loss of exclusivity to reputational harm. Furthermore, counterfeiting has also been linked to child-labour, organised crime and even funding terrorism.

Today, counterfeiting stands for:

  • 5% ($461 B) of world trade is counterfeit & pirated
  • ~10% of world trade in fashion is counterfeit
  • 5% ($116 B) of EU imports are counterfeits & pirated
  • ~16% of products sold online are identified as counterfeit

Ports Group’s mission:

  • Understanding our client’s business and adapt the service.
  • Combining industry-leading intelligent technology and in-house expertise in the field of online infringements, with deep knowledge in strategic management and protection of trademarks and domain names.
  • Enabling strategic management of Online Brand Protection with the right KPIs.

Online Brand Protection

Online Brand Protection is a comprehensive and intelligent tool for identifying and prioritising online threats – and enforcing your trademark rights.

The tool is developed and powered by Ports Group’s partner Corsearch – global, trusted provider of innovative technology solutions. A partnership for providing measurable, tailored solutions for protecting our clients trademarks in a digital world.

The combined expertise and services of Ports Group and Corsearch means that we can combine industry-leading intelligence and technology with deep knowledge in strategic management and protection of trademarks and domain names to create comprehensive brand protection.

Online Brand Protection enables you to:

  • Provide a focused and targeted approach to tackle commercial scale operators abusing your brand online.
  • Identify available markets and licensing opportunities with improved commercial terms of product licences.
  • Help prevent damaging PR & regulatory damages by association of your brand with counterfeit goods which may cause consumers harm.
  • Ensure that your consumers retain their trust in your legitimate e-commerce platforms.
  • Prioritise issues and enforce at a scale not possible by manual searches ensuring effective action and freeing up internal resources.

Online Brand Protection covers all areas online, in one tool:

  • Online Marketplaces
  • Websites / Affiliates
  • Domain names
  • Social Media
  • Paid Search
  • 3D Printing
  • Mobile Apps

Online Brand Protection covers all aspects of online content.

  • All languages – Brand references different languages/colloquialisms.
  • Image search – Find “toxic” images used by infringers.

Data is automatically collected across all these platforms – then aggregated, analysed and presented to you.

The tool clusters data to discover connections and performs automated risk analysis to prioritise issues.

Online Brand Protection creates a bespoke brand discovery framework which is crafted by expert analysts with specialist knowledge in the field. The analyst team is multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary with legal, research and science backgrounds. They are skilled in assessing and enforcing against a range of issues on platforms around the world. Critical to their role is the ability to leverage platform relationships to achieve scale in enforcement.