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Digitization and globalization have in recent years changed the landscape for most industries. Not even the historically conservative law firm are unaffected. Digitization creates new challenges for securing the exclusive rights to your brands – legally, digitally and technically.

But at the same time, new opportunities are created for digital and customer-friendly solutions that challenge existing business models.

Digitization means other demands on how to view and manage the brand. For example, trademark infringements today primarily occurs online and new threats to the brand are constantly popping up. The threats to a brand has gone from being limited legal intrusions to more digital threats like cyber attacks, e-mail fraud, false domain names and more.

With the challenges that brands face today, new solutions are needed for a comprehensive brand protection.

Common challenges companies face today:

  • Internal administration – is there an overview?
  • Clear cost overview – What does the protection of our brand cost us today?
  • Unclear routines – who is responsible for what?
  • Technology – have we secured the use of our identity?
  • Internal prioritization – how important is the brand?

Our service ports.management creates comprehensive control of the brand in all channels – legally, digitally and technically.

Med ports.management you are able to outsource the administration and responsibility for all parts relating to the legal brand at a fixed cost.

Through our digital customer portal, you get an internal communication tool that enables your IT, marketing, legal team and management to follow and be updated on all parts regarding your trademark protection.

The service includes:

1. Analysis and consolidation of trademark rights – legally, digitally and technically

Examples of actions are agent changes, owner and contact information updates, retrieving zone files and setup of DNS/redirects, analysis and recommendations as well as policy documents.

2. Active management of trademark rights – legally, digitally and technically

  • Active and comprehensive management in accordance with the customer’s business and market strategy in order to ensure the right level of protection and an updated brand protection
  • Comprehensive legal responsibility for renewal with liability insurance
  • Primary contact with overall customer responsibility and knowledge of customer activities and associated portfolio
  • ICANN-accredited Registrar
  • Global presence and local contacts for world-wide registration

3. Full coverage in all channels

Monitoring the brand digitally and legally for effective action in case of unauthorized use

  • Trademark Watch – Keep track of trademark applications that can cause a threat to your exclusivity
  • Domain name Watch – Identify domain names that are infringing on your trademark rights
  • Social Media Watch – Monitor how your brand is being used in social media
  • Trademark Clearinghouse – Your key to protecting your brand in the new domain name universe

4. Portfolio administration

  • Transfer / agent change
  • Owner transfers
  • DNS updates
  • Renewals

5. Customized customer team

Client manager / Trademark Attorney / Tech consultant

6. Regular meetings

Two meetings a year with your customer team in order to ensure active management and updated / relevant portfolio

7. Reliable IT environment

  • Secure DNS
  • DNS and redirects
  • External secondary DNS (DYN) on main domain
  • Four DNS servers located in Sweden, Finland, Holland and Austria
  • DNSs that support IPv4 and IPv6
  • DDoS protection via Arbor Networks


All at a fixed monthly cost.

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