Ports Management

Our customer portal for administration and overview of everything related to your brand – legally, digitally, and technically


Developed and designed for your needs

Here you get an immediate overview of your protection geographically, you can manage and administer your domain names and DNS records, and you also get reminders when certificates or other assets are about to expire. The customer portal notifies of any infringement of your intellectual property rights before it is too late to act.

Take control and avoid potential risks with the help of Ports Management!

Benefits of Ports Management

  • An easy-to-use tool for anyone, regardless of position
  • Full control and complete overview – legally, digitally, and technically
  • Self-service for efficient ordering and administration of services
  • Login and work securely with two-factor authentication and SAML

Solutions tailored to your job requirements


CEO & Management

  • Get a complete overview of your trademark and domain portfolio
  • Identify and assess potential business risks
  • Get up-to-date information for decision-making
  • Assign Ports Group legal responsibility for trademark and domain renewal
  • Get instant access to Ports Group’s dedicated team of experts


  • Easy set-up of monitoring, detecting legal and digital threats
  • Get a constant overview of the protection of your trademarks – legally and digitally
  • Avoid risks to your campaigns due to non-functioning landing pages
  • Consult Ports Group’s dedicated team of experts
  • Direct access to legal expertise regarding trademark and marketing issues


  • Access all DNS services securely in one plac
  • Make bulk changes and schedule changes to zone files
  • Order and manage TLS / SSL certificates and other technical certificates
  • Manage all DNS records using the user-friendly interface or by manual editing
  • Our API significantly reduces your administration workload

Services in our customer portal


Trademarks and legal services

  • Registrations of word and figurative trademarks
  • Distribution of markets
  • Trademark monitoring with reported hits


Domains and digital services

  • Registrations
  • Ownership data
  • Domain name monitoring with reported hits
  • Easy management of name servers

Certificates and technical services

Certificates and technical services

SSL certificates

  • Order new certificate
  • Renew expiring certificates
  • Add comments when ordering


  • Add and edit records
  • Edit and delete in existing zone file
  • Overview of edits
  • Scheduled edits
  • Publish
  • Enable DNSSEC


  • Set-up of redirect
  • Overview of edits
  • Scheduled edits and publications

Other Ports Management features


  • DNS records and zone files
  • Download and see list of domain holdings

Read more about API for DNS Management


  • Contact your primary advisor
  • Legal, digital, and technical services consultants

Account settings

  • Edit accounts
  • Manage users, permissions, and accounts
  • Reset password
  • Two-factor authentication
  • SAML / SSO

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