Trademark monitoring

What does monitoring services mean?

It’s a common misconception that registration of a trademark or domain name provides fail-safe protection – but unfortunately that is not true. As the holder of rights to a trademark, it is ultimately your responsibility to prevent infringement by defending your registered rights. But for most trademark owners, it is next to impossible to constantly and manually monitor the physical, and in particular, the digital market. For this reason, Ports Group’s has developed monitoring services that keep track of where and how your trademark is used. We tailor the monitoring to your requirements and continuously scan the entire digital landscape, from apps to websites.

That way, you can rest assured that all customer and supplier interactions with your brand are controlled by you.


Benefits of monitoring

  • Saves time. No need to manually go through all the platforms where trademark infringement might occur.
  • Proactive. Make sure you detect all infringements before your customers or other stakeholders do so.
  • Safer. By automating your monitoring, you avoid human error in detecting any legal trademark violations.
  • Cost-effective. Avoid registering unnecessary domains, social media accounts, etc. Instead, monitor selected key terms and act immediately when infringement occurs.

How it works


Together with our trademark attorney, you identify the key terms to be monitored for your trademark. The attorney reviews your business and provides advice and tips on how to achieve the strongest protection possible.


Your monitoring is regularly reviewed by a dedicated customer team, with knowledge of your business operations and commitment to your trademarks. With the help of the tool, the team reports only relevant hits in an easy-to-understand way. Using the information gathered, you and your advisor decide how to proceed.


Together with your team of experts at Ports Group, you decide on what action to take for each infringement. There are often several different options for moving forward – our attorneys and digital strategists are happy to help you evaluate the most appropriate measures in your particular situation.

Trademark Watch

What is the point of registering your trademark if you do not have a proper monitoring of the rights?

Registering the trademark does not automatically mean that the same or a similar trademark cannot be registered by others, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Trademark authorities around the world do not always check if similar trademarks are previously registered, so ultimately it is your responsibility as an owner of a trademark right to object to any infringement. Consequently, it is important that you always monitor the market to detect if someone is trying to register a word mark or figurative mark that is confusingly similar to yours.

Monitoring allows you to more quickly object to applications that are similar to yours, thereby preventing their registration. Seeing that the registration process often takes time and requires considerable financial resources, Trademark Watch is a monitoring service that secures your investment. Via the service you get a comprehensive overview of applications from similar trademarks and can effectively act against infringement and brand damage.

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Bild med dator, visas hur man automatiserar varumärkessäkerhets kontroll

How Trademark Watch works

Manually searching through the various databases for registered trademarks is an almost impossible task. Ports Group’s Trademark Watch automatically scans the databases in real time for word marks or figure marks similar to your trademark. The results are then reviewed by a dedicated legal team who, based on their industry expertise and insights into your business, filter out hits that pose a real threat. The results are presented in an easily understandable form in your customer portal. This allows you to immediately act on infringement and proactively prevent damage to your brand and its reputation.

Domain Watch

What conceivable consequences can arise if someone communicates using a domain name that your customers think belongs to you?

It is common for fraudsters to use confusingly similar or identical domain names for email scams, intrusion attempts or reputation parasitism, which can cause major financial harm or damage to your brand’s digital presence. Scams such as mirroring your website, using a similar, intentionally misspelled domain name or a different top-level domain make it difficult for a customer to see the difference between a legitimate and non-legitimate website.

Protecting your brand through domain name monitoring is paramount. Not only to defend your brand’s reputation and identity, but also to protect the interests of customers and other stakeholders.

explenation on how TLDs works

Explenation on how top domain works

How Domain Watch works

Today, it is possible to register domain names in more than 1,600 different top-level domains. Consequently, for most trademark owners, it is not economically feasible to register every conceivable variation of the name, leaving it open to fraudsters to do so instead.

Domain name monitoring is the most cost-effective means of securing your brand’s presence online as well as avoiding unnecessarily large domain name portfolios. With Domain Watch you get global monitoring of confusing similar or identical domain names, which potentially infringe on your trademark. You can also use Domain Watch as a competition monitoring service.

Marketplace Watch

Where are your products traded online? Is it genuine products? Is it gray imports from unauthorized importers? Is it counterfeit products that damage your brand reputation?

These are important, but also complicated, issues that need to be addressed in today’s vast industry of online peer-to-peer shopping sites, auction sites and e-commerce platforms.

The sale of pirated products on sites like Alibaba or eBay is a well-known phenomenon that poses a significant threat to brand owners. A pirated product is often of inferior quality and in addition, it rarely meets legal product safety requirements. Furthermore, pirated products often leave customers feeling cheated, and in some cases, they even put customers’ lives and health at risk.

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logos of where Marketplace watch applies

De största och viktigaste marknadsplatserna bevakas

How Marketplace Watch works

By regularly scanning over 1000 ecommerce sites, Marketplace Watch enables monitoring and control that is not possible to achieve manually. As a trademark holder, you can quickly detect unauthorized retailers or advertisements so you can take action before your customers are put at risk.

Social Media Watch

Have you discovered social media accounts that customers might confuse with your brand? What would happen if these accounts started selling similar items or sharing opinions that do not represent your brand values? How much would it damage your brand reputation, and your customers’ trust in you?

Social media has become a popular and common way for companies to reach out to customers and interact with them. At the same time, these platforms allow for new types of trademark infringement, which increases the need to monitor unauthorized trademark use.

Social Media Watch is a service that gives you relevant information about how your brand is visible in social media. The main focus is to find posts where others use your trademark in their marketing, as part of their sales offer or to give the impression of representing your brand.

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Plattformar som täcks av Social Media Watch

How Social Media Watch works

Social Media Watch scans various social channels, including Facebook and Instagram, and identifies accounts with identical or similar names as your registered trademark. In the next step, the results are reviewed by our experts, who deliver filtered results to you. Finally, you and your contact person at Ports Group go through all relevant hits and decide how to act against possible infringements.

App Watch

How do you protect your brand in the gigantic arena of mobile apps?

With over five million applications available today, including the OS/iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Microsoft Store and Windows Apps, it is clear that mobile applications are one of the most common and popular ways for businesses to market their products and services. Unfortunately, this also leads to new types of trademark infringement and reputation parasitism, which means it’s only a matter of time before a mobile application infringes on your trademark.

Mobile applications often collect sensitive data, such as account information, images, location data, etc., which can be misused by fraudsters. Additionally, the growing number of unauthorized apps often create confusion among customers, with potential to damage customer loyalty and trust in your brand.

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How App Watch works

App Watch is a monitoring solution tailored for the mobile application market. The service monitors both existing and new applications released to the most common app stores. You regularly get notices of new apps that may infringe on your trademark, either through similarities between the name, description or logo of the application.

The service scans for predefined keyword strings in conjunction with image recognition, stop words and whitelists of allowed features, to identify potentially infringing applications.

Having trademark infringement problems?

Get in touch with us! We have extensive experience of acting against trademark infringement and helping our customers shutting down illegal websites, fake social media accounts and similar violations of rights. We are happy to give you a free consultation on how to regain control of your trademark.