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We take full responsibility for registration, management and monitoring of your trademarks

The importance of protecting one’s brand

In a globalized, digitalized and more competitive world, it is not enough just delivering a great service or product. As innovation grows and products’ life spans gets shorter, companies need every competitive advantage they can get. You need to stand out!

Every company today views their brand as one of the company’s most important asset, but far from everyone has the trademark protection they need.

The consequences of not having enough protection

The more famous your brand becomes, the higher the risk of infringements. Lesser known brands can also be the victims of costly infringements that oftentimes affect the company in a negative way. However, these kinds of problems can be avoided, with the right protection and strategic handling.

An inadequate trademark protection can affect your usage of your brands both short term and long term. Registering a trademark with wrong classification can enable your competitors to profit on your brand. Lacking trademark protection in certain markets can make international expansion much more costly, or put a stop to them all together. Lacking trademark protection all together means that you for one thing do not have exclusive rights to the name and/or symbol, but there is also always a risk that someone else registers the trademark ahead of you, thus preventing you from using your brand. That is why a trademark requires strategic management and control in order to be viewed as a valuable asset.

A trademark portfolio that is up-to-date and according to policy is a must

A registered trademark gives you exclusive rights to use the brand. By controlling your trademark, you can coordinate external communication/marketing with the legal aspects of the brand. A clear and thought-out external communication is rarely sustainable if not combined with a strong and strategic legal protection. As part of one’s brand protection strategy one has to define one’s brand, which business areas it needs to be protected in and in which countries.

We evaluate your prospective application

Ports Group offers preliminary investigations for prospective brands. Partly to identify potential legal pitfalls, but also to evaluate the strength of the brand. We take into consideration what judgements the concerned authorities might make as to trademark applications, as well as potential objections from other rights holders. Based on our preliminary investigation we recommend how to proceed with the protection of trademarks on your targeted markets.

We take care of the entire trademark process

Every company has their own unique brand portfolio and require unique treatment. Ports Group’s legal team have decades of experience in intellectual property and will know your specific needs. Our team handles national and international trademark applications on a daily basis and know what the specific regulations are regarding different types of trademarks. When applying for a trademark through us we guarantee that you get the best service, all the way from classification to registration.


“We wanted a first class full service solution for our growing domain portfolio, which includes everything from trademark and domain protection, to customised hosting solutions. Ports Group provides us with efficient corporate domain management that allows us to centralise and monitor against infringements plus any potential security risks.”

Mattias Bergehed

Head of SEO at LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group

”Finally, someone has worked this out!”

Jon Svensson

Jon Svensson

Head of Marketing at Vasaloppet

"At Northern Spirit, we have had global ambitions from day one. Therefore, trademarking our brand has been a priority from day one. However, we experienced it as very complicated, difficult to know what was what and how it was done correctly. Together with Ports, we solved the trademark registration for our key markets very smoothly, and at a much lower cost than we had previously thought at that. Having Ports as a partner in the jungle of information and trademarks we currently live in is a great security because we know what's true and false, and what we need to do in order to protect our brand."

Niklas Carlsson

Niklas Carlson

CEO & Co-Founder at Northern Spirit

"Protecting your assets in the start-up phase of a company can be a challenge, not least financially. But it's also incredibly important as you only have one chance to protect your brand." Procedos has used Ports Group for a large part of the protection of our intangible assets such as trademarks, design protection, domain names and hosting. The result is pure professionalism with strategies for a sustainable and long-term protection in an international market. "

Jens Derwinger

CEO at Procedos

Svea Ekonomi

”Ports Group has for many years been handling our domain names and we have always been very satisfied with our partnership. A couple of years ago, we felt the need to coordinate our trademarks with the management of our domain names, we chose Ports Group and they took care of the entire process. Billy Affelin has been our primary contact all through the entire partnership; both he and his colleagues have been great to deal with. Besides being happy with their expertise, we appreciate their proactive attitude – they are always on top of things and keep us updated with tips and recommendations, in individual cases as well as purely strategic issues.”

Iréne Thorstensson

Iréne Thorstensson

Web Manager at Svea Ekonomi

The trademark application process at Ports Group

1. Classification

1. Classification

We carry out a classification meeting with you in order to get as accurate a picture as possible of your business. We then produce a draft for the classification for the products and services that you, according to our meeting, need a trademark protection for.

2. Trademark Screening

2. Trademark Screening

We carry out a preliminary investigation of potential registered rights in order to detect potential obstacles in an early stage.

3. Registration

3. Registration

We handle all correspondence with the authorities and take necessary actions if needed.

4. Management with legal responsibility

4. Management with legal responsibility

In our management of trademarks we take full legal responsibility. We handle ongoing updates and make sure your portfolio is in keeping with your overall market strategy.

5. Watch

5. Watch

With a tailored setup of monitoring services we watch and review your trademarks in order to detect potential confusingly similar trademark applications, or infringements.

6. Act

6. Act

Those watch results that we deem a threat to your brand, we act upon. For example by objecting to a trademark application, sending a cease and desist letter or filing a domain dispute.

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