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Because registrations need to be monitored in order to stay protected

What are Watch Services?
The aim of the Ports Group Watch Services is to create a comprehensive but still manageable external view of your trademarks. We combine watch services for detecting and preventing legal threats – such as Trademark Watch for detecting trademark applications – with watch services for detecting infringements – such as Social Media Watch.

Together, we create a strategy for the monitoring of your trademarks, as well as how the reporting, reviewing and potential enforcement shall be carried out.


Trademark Watch

Sophisticated monitoring of trademark applications for maintained exclusivity

The value of a brand is greatly based on the exclusivity of the brand. A registered trademark does not necessarily mean exclusivity. In order to protect ones brand, you need to keep updated on what is going on in the market.

Far from every intellectual trademark authority search actively for potentially confusingly similar trademark registrations when a new trademark application is submitted. The consequence of this is that if you do not actively monitor new applications, you risk missing the window for objecting against an application of a trademark that is identical – or potentially confusingly similar – to yours.

Ports Group’s Trademark Watch is always tailored to your specific needs and the markets on which you are – or will be – active in. The Ports Group legal team can aid you in reviewing the watch results and discuss potential actions in order to maintain the exclusivity of your brands.


Domain Name Watch

Protect your business against fraud and infringements

One of the biggest threats facing companies right now is fraudulent behaviour. Frauds can be carried out in many different ways. One of the most common methods is registering confusingly similar domain names and by using those try and fool the company’s employees, customers and/or suppliers.

The monitoring service Domain Name Watch has for a long time been a must for companies that value their brands. The primary purpose has been to prevent trademark infrigements. Lately however, Domain Name Watch has become vital due to its ability to limit/minimize the risk of fraudulent behaviour, and the potential business critical consequences that it may cause.

Domain Name Watch always starts with a scan of the existing registered domain names in order to identify domain name registrations that are identical – or confusingly similar – to that of your trademarks, company names and/or products. Thus, the watch service includes so called “typosquattings”; similar spellings, misspellings and phonetic variations. The service is then active and conduct automatic searches continuously on most top-level domains, and reports hits relevant to your search criteria. The reporting is weekly or monthly, depending on your preference. The Ports Group legal team has expertise in intellectual property rights online and can ensure a swift and efficient handling of domain name infringements, worldwide.

Social Media Watch

Are you the owner of your brand on Social Media?

Social Media has grown to become one of the most popular ways of communicating. For companies, being present on social media has become a requirement.

Social Media enables a closer and more personal relationship between a company and its customers, which of course is beneficial for both parties. However, the sheer amount of social media platforms also means that the risk of trademark abuse increases. Trademark infringements, or other types of misuse, is nowadays very common on social media. Without a social media watch service, being able to monitor the use of one’s brand is basically impossible.

Ports Group’s Social Media Watch is a great way of getting relevant and up to date information on the usage of your brand on social media.

The watch service covers:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

App Watch

Are you the owner of your brand in the app stores?

The number of smart phones grows every day, and with that the number of available apps. Currently there are approximately 3 million apps for download, to an estimated 2.6 billion smart phones in use.

When new markets appear, almost as a nature rule, new ways of infringing and misusing a brand starts to appear. Especially in this case when the majority   of all apps are free.

The Ports Group App Watch starts with an initial audit that result in an extensive report on the apps that may be in conflict with your trademark and/or contain unauthorized references to your brand.

Having an App Watch at Ports Group means that we will contact you as soon as your brand is being used by someone else. The watch service includes continuous reporting of existing apps that may be infringing on your trademark, either in the title or the description of a new app.

The watch service currently covers the following platforms:

  • iTunes App Store
  • GooglePlay
  • Amazon App Store
  • Windows App Store

“We wanted a first class full service solution for our growing domain portfolio, which includes everything from trademark and domain protection, to customised hosting solutions. Ports Group provides us with efficient corporate domain management that allows us to centralise and monitor against infringements plus any potential security risks.”

Mattias Bergehed

Head of SEO at LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group


”Mecenat can verify 130 million students worldwide. We use Ports Group to manage our name portfolio as well as monitor and register new domain names. The result is order and structure in a very cost-effective way.”

Jonas Levin

Jonas Levin

CEO and founder, Mecenat AB

”Ports Group helps us with daily and critical tasks regarding everything around Domains and Apps in a highly professional way.”

Jari Merikanto

SEO Lead at Mr Green Ltd

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