Workshop, Policy and Consolidation of trademarks, domain names and hosting services

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Managing trademarks and domain names without a policy is like orienteering without a map

Every company needs a policy for their trademarks and domain names. The policy is the basis for all choices and actions related to the registration of trademarks and domains, and hosting services. The policy should be written and communicated to all parts of the organisation, so that it’s supported and followed by all concerned.

We help you with initial workshops, developing a strategy and policy for trademarks and domain names, and then take steps to implement your strategy. If, for instance, someone else has registered your domain name, we help you suggest and carry out the solution we judge to be the best in the specific case, usually purchase or dispute settlement.

How you register and manage your trademarks and domain names is also important for the company’s marketing. Domain names, websites, email addresses, SEO, etc. are all part of your customers’, retailers’ and employees’ image of the company.

The Workshop – The foundation for formulating strategy, policy and action plan

After an initial cost-free meeting with our advisors, the next step is often to arrange a workshop with key people from your organisation and specialists from Ports Group. The aim is to set strategy, policy and processes for your administration of trademarks, domains, hosting services and monitoring services. Based on this, we then formulate an action plan to fulfil your new (or existing) strategy.

Consolidation through “clean-up” of your domain and trademark portfolio

In many companies, trademarks and domain names are scattered across different time zones, individuals and even suppliers, and nobody has the full picture or control over them. This is what often causes companies to lose their rights and have difficultly protecting their digital assets.

After completing a workshop and formulating the policy, we consolidate trademarks and/or domain names. Thus we turn the chaos into order for all your registrations, gather them in a functional management structure, operated by us, and ensure their continuous renewal. We identify important domain names or trademarks that are about to expire and business-critical domain names that need registering with email and/or websites. We then contact your existing suppliers, and manage the complete consolidation project with your mandate.

During the consolidation process, we also carry out necessary measures such as for example:

  • Making sure every domain name and trademark has the correct ownership and carry out potential owner transfers.
  • Additional registrations of trademarks and domain names according to the action plan.
  • Set-up hosting services such as DNS to take full control over business-critical functions connected to your domain names.
  • Set-up relevant monitoring services for your trademarks and domains.
  • Act on possible infringements through warning letters or legal measures.

"With the help of Ports Group, we have been able to control our earlier very scattered domain name portfolio to today having all our domain names under one roof. This has greatly facilitated our domain name management by having a simple portal for making changes, but also through quick response from our Client Manager."

Cristofer Landström

IT-Technician at First Rent A Car AB/Hertz Sweden and Denmark

"Protecting your assets in the start-up phase of a company can be a challenge, not least financially. But it's also incredibly important as you only have one chance to protect your brand." Procedos has used Ports Group for a large part of the protection of our intangible assets such as trademarks, design protection, domain names and hosting. The result is pure professionalism with strategies for a sustainable and long-term protection in an international market. "

Jens Derwinger

CEO at Procedos


”When Ports Group presented their solution for consolidating and simplifying the management of our domain names and hosting services, it immediately felt good, obvious, easy and logical. The implementation was carried out incredibly smoothly and we feel very safe with Ports Group.”

Anna-Katarina Skogh

Anna-Katarina Skogh

Director of Marketing and Communications at Hövding

”I quickly got a lot of confidence for Niclas Jonsson, who was our contact throughout the initial project. Niclas and his colleagues have demonstrated considerable expertise in everything from strategy and legal, to more technical issues, and they are helpful in all situations. It has felt safe having Ports Group as a partner in our important work to re-brand our company and create a solid brand platform for the future. I have only good things to say about the Ports – always pleasant, professional and service-minded!”

Sofia Nilsson

Sofia Nilsson

Corporate Branding & Digital Marketing Manager at Storm Commerce

Svea Ekonomi

”Ports Group has for many years been handling our domain names and we have always been very satisfied with our partnership. A couple of years ago, we felt the need to coordinate our trademarks with the management of our domain names, we chose Ports Group and they took care of the entire process. Billy Affelin has been our primary contact all through the entire partnership; both he and his colleagues have been great to deal with. Besides being happy with their expertise, we appreciate their proactive attitude – they are always on top of things and keep us updated with tips and recommendations, in individual cases as well as purely strategic issues.”

Iréne Thorstensson

Iréne Thorstensson

Web Manager at Svea Ekonomi

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